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:mrgreen: Server IP: :mrgreen: 

*The Universe* |PvPvE|OldFlyers|2x Tame|

:idea: Cosmic Spectres' Discord: https://discord.gg/HUJb7f6:idea:


Hello travelers! My name is KingChris709 and I am hosting a lightly modded Ark server and we are in search for more players. We do have an active group that plays but we are always looking for more slots to fill.

In our Ark sever, you will experience:

Great connections  

Friendly community

Solid performing mods

2x Taming Speed


We like to keep the game fair and good for survival so we only implemented mods that we believe won't impact the game too much and will keep everything balanced. Alongside the mods, we have increased the taming rate to 2x to speed up captures. This keeps the game just a little more fast paced to keep the energy going. The only current mods include:

Classic Flyers

Structures Plus

Super Spyglass

Pet Finder 


We are always looking for new ideas and are open to any suggestions you may have to improve the gameplay experience. Please consider our server as one of your main because we will not stop until we meet the expectations of our players.

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on *The Universe*! 


:wub: Please support our server on:  :wub:


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