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(US) Mythis Pack PVPVE Server


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Heya all, this servers been up for some time, and I had thought to advertise it here as well. I have copy-pasted this from the other sites I Advertise on.


Mythis Pack PVPVE

Heya all, this is just an advertisement of a Cluster server I own. The current players are limited to 10 per server, but if more people join I can look about increasing these slots. Due note this Server is Modded and has increased rates. The Server is aimed at PVE mostly, but PVP and Friendly Fire are enabled. The Server is totally aimed at those casual players who don't have the time to sit through the default rates.

Keep in mind the server is still a active work in progress, I had recently shifted Scorched Earth to The Island as this is a Cluster Server, It hosts both The Center and The Island. A Mod will be incoming to provide the Scorched Earth content once I can find decent mods. The Server IPs are listed in the Copy/pasted section of this message.

The Rules are simple.

  • -Have Fun!
  • -Respect your fellow Players!
  • -Do Not Resource Block
  • -Do Not Cave Block
  • -No Greifing or Drama will be tolerated

Below is what I had posted on the Steam Ark Survival Evolved Advertisements. I figured to post it here as well!

Hello all. I currently Run a PVE server that has cluster functionality. I'm posting this here for anyone who wants a friendly and more laid back experience of Ark. Do note the server's settings maybe tweaked as we go forward and realtime. The Server has been up for a few months, but nothing is blocked for new people to start thier jounry. We decided to open the server up for advertisement so some of us can have people to play with online when we aren't on at the same time.

There are only two of us who play on the servers. Do note some features are being tweaked as we go along to fit in the style of play, but the server's purpose is for fun, Tribe wars are enabled, but we are currently a PVE server focused on the casual person to play at thier own pace. There is almost atleast one of the mods on at all times.

Some Features:

-Players can reach level 100
-40x Baby Hatch and Maturation
-Offline PVP is disabled
-15x Exp gain
-20x harvest
-15x tame
-Server currently has The Center and The Island.

The server has mods:

-Tamable Titanboas
-Glass Metal
-DPS Rifle
-Taming Sedatives
-Builder's Helmet
-Pimp my Dino
-Pet Finder
-Egg and Poop Collectors
-Bulk Crafters
-Stackable Foundations
-Better Drops
-A Inventory Stacking Mod (I can't remember which one)
-Player Tombstone


-The Island:
-The Center:


(The Island)

(The Center)

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