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*NEW* 3/1 [NA] The Knighthood PvPvE Cluster | Center/SE | 15xH/XP, 40xT + mods


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The Center:
Scorched Earth:
Server Discord: https://discord.gg/wgDMdUs
(All information is posted in the Discord too)
Server Rates:
Harvest: 15x
Experience: 15x
Taming: 40x
Hatching: 25x
Maturation: 46x
Max Player Level: 120
Max Wild Dino: 180
You CAN learn all engrams
Boss Spawner for SE/The Center (allows TEK tier)
Ammo Pool
Stackable Foundations
OSM Admin
Resource Stacks
Resource Stacks SE
Difficulty 6++
Reusable Plus
Bulk Crafters
Seven's Forge Kit
Egg N Poop Collector
Death Helper
Pet Finder
Beacon Enhancer
The Blackhole Storage Mod
Raft Extender
Allskins Chest
Naval Warfare and Logistics
Server Rules:
This is a PVP server. Don't complain if you get raided. No abusive language (racism, homophobic slurs, etc). Raiding is encouraged, wiping is not. Don't needlessly kill passive dinos. Don't kill freshspawns
No building in caves or blocking resources.
There are 4 admins in total (Steam names: XanatosEsquire, MakeMeFamous, Arstroph, Cat Samurai). "Admin abuse" will NOT exist on this server. If you believe an admin is, report it to Xanatos and he will go over admin logs (and send to you if you wish).

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