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New The Center Server LF Casual/PVE players

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Newer server built and designed for the more casual and easy going players.  A friendly environment to relax, tame and build.  That being said let's get some of the more important information out there.


Server Settings~


The server is set up for casual players and is designed to eliminate the length of the grind without making things so entirely easy that a two year old could handle the game.


  • Difficulty offset is set to 6.  Better loot in drops, however the dinosaurs are commonly seen within the 90 to 120 lvl range.
  • Taming speed is increased to reduce time spent on taming those high level dinosaurs.
  • Harvesting Ammount/Harvest health is modified so that you get more from gathering and to compensate there is a boost to weight gain per level (Though it is asked that this not be abused.)
  • Drop rates are editted to make certain rarer items a tiny bit more accessible and berry gathering is edited so that mejo and narco berries drop in larger ammounts than normal.
  • Level cap has been raised to 150 (Pending testing) for players.
  • Mating intervals, egg laying, egg hatching, baby growing/eating ammounts and anything to do with breeding has been altered to make it less intensive, you should be moderately capable of breeding dinosaurs on your own if you don't want to join a tribe.
  • Tribe Wars are allowed and canceling them is allowed as well.  PVP is meant to be friendly in nature, no raiding or griefing is tolerated or allowed.  Though if you amass an army and want to test it against another tribe, if both tribes agree, by all means.  It might even prove to be entertaining for anyone who can attend.
  • Stamina/food/water drain is reduced.  Stamina is no longer necessary, sprint to your dreams desires, and this change also effects dinosaurs.  Food and water drain are lowered to a point where it isn't a dire need to constantly be cooking and can spend more time building and taming things.


Basically as said above, the server is meant for casual play and is not intended for hardcore or pvp players.  I wanted a friendly and relaxing server to play on, free of griefing or feeling like a grind and this is exactly what i've created.  The server is only a 20 slot server for now with chances to upgrade in the near future and we're open to anyone who's interested to join.

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