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Sunnyvale Ark *PvPvE : RP : x10 Gather x25 Tame

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Come Join Sunnyvale Ark!!!

    Friendly to all types of players, PvPvE ; RP, with active admins who play daily. We enjoy a Stadium with regular events such as Dino Battles, Melee Tournaments & Monkey Boxing. Tame and train Dinos for the Ring, and take home the spoils for your tribe, or your personal stash. Adjacent to the Stadium, we have a casual PVP Battlegrounds, where players can go anytime and pit their skills against anyone from their own tribe members, to the Admins, all in good fun, with events and hidden caches that you can choose to either use on the battlefield, or take home to bolster your defenses. Not to mention an event set all its own, like *The Most Dangerous Game, and *King of Moose Cock Castle (a public use PVP structure in the Battlegrounds). Every Tribe gets an Admin maintained spawn trailer near the stadium so you can jump over for anything from trading, to events, to PVP in an instant.

***Server Features Include***
Stack Mod
Metal w/ Glass Mod
Industrial Grinder
Industrial Forge
No Clip Building Pieces (NC)
Kibble Vending Machine
*Active Neutral Admins
*200 Player Level Cap
*250 Dino Cap
*10x Gather
*25x Tame
*Forum Link : http://sunnyvaleark.tk/
*Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SunnyvaleArk
*Server IP



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