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NEW SERVER | PvE/ PvP | US Based/ All Welcome | Discord | Active Admins | 20 Slots

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server name - HAVEN HOUSE : Official SCUM Project

direct connect -

discord community - https://discord.gg/havenhouse

max ping - 500  [U.S. Based Server / All Welcome]

server focus - PvE + PvP [Zoned]
* [4 PvP Zones / 4 Outposts]

server economy - Vanilla with very slight Q.O.L. Adjustments for Increased need for strategy/ slight adjustments for balance

trader economy - Vanilla with slight Realism Adjustments/ Prices are the same however some drains and usage costs have been shifted to be more realistic, in some cases this brings slightly easier play sometimes it may agitate you, we understand its not for everyone.

staff & community - staff is active in discord and we take suggestions and criticisms :) we cant grow without honest feedback, we arent gonna jump down your throat n cuss at you etc. community is friendly and small but growing, if you need anything reach out and someone will grab hold so to speak , if you have questions dont feel embarassed just ask, we all hadta find out someway somewhen right ;) 

server size - we are only a 20 slot server for now, we also mess with dayz (primarily) and possibly icarus soon (more than join only / session only servers) so our scum project is on the list for slot expansion only as necessary 

other important info - we are new to scum server stuff , however in dayz and other servers there are things like priority ques community made paid content and features and perks, to make a long story short, there is none of that in The Haven House / everything we make and put out to the community is funded by us , free for you!! if you are ever asked , implied at/ hinted at/ told there is money involved it is fraud and is to be reported immediately!!

Thank you for your time and your eyes reading our lil advert @};~,
sincerely // Moby D - Babysmurf - TheOnlyRaze & The Rest of Our Staff at The Haven House 



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