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[PS4/5] Nuketown DayZ | Chenarus | PVE/PVP Balance | Automated Trader

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Nuketown DayZ | Playstation | Chenarus | PVE/PVP Balance | Trader

Nuketown was started by a like-minded coalition of DayZ players who wanted to create something unique and fun amongst the many 100X LOOT and deathmatch servers on console. We are here to have fun in a shared experience with a Discord community. 

Nuketown strives to balance risk and reward
Survival will be hard in Nuketown, but the more risks you are willing to take the higher the rewards. There is a large part of the map designated as the “Dark Zone” where PVP is allowed and other dangers exist. PVE players will be tempted to also visit the Dark Zone for its riches and surprises. 

We also feature:
🌱 Fresh wipe on July 19
🗳️ 16 player slots, willing to expand as it’s needed
🗺️ Map: Chenarus
‼️ Many risk/reward loot adjustments
🔫 PVP and PVE (No KOS/raiding) areas 
💣 Bi-weekly Purge (KOS and raiding allowed across the map) 
🌃 Day/night: 4 hours/30 minutes
🏃 Unlimited sprinting
🏎️ Vehicles mostly complete
🧟 Zombie hordes across the map
🏛️ Custom structures and Points of Interest to discover
🏘️ Factions
🏅 Planned events
🖥️ In-house modding and content
👤 fully automated trader system 
☠️ Killfeed 

And more!

Friendly, chill and active admins. 

Join our discord to get whitelisted and in on the action:

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