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With boosted loot spawns and a level playing field with the competition, Negative Ramos will provide new and old players with the best experience provided throughout Dayz. Being an admin I can assure you that this is the best server I have been on by far. What makes us stand out from the rest is that we have a discord server (link at the end) that gives you access to a whole new world. On the discord sever we have a range of resources you can use to gain a tactical advantage over almost any opponent you may encounter. There are not many players on at the moment so you can get set up and geared up before anyone else, there are also a few garages throughout the map at most spawn points just piled with loot so it is never hard getting set up. On the discord you have access to the shop where you can buy a range of things including the NEW content Bohemia Interactive releases. We have a killfeed, a banter chat, gambling systems with discord money plus SO MANY MORE. So.... come see for yourself and I can assure you that you will fit right in. See you there fellow survivor! 


Discord link.......        https://discord.gg/4UQ3Q9PMFP

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