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Server name : Failed State |Quests|Spawn|Keys|Heli|BBP|Trader|Airdrop|KOTH|PVP|Drugs

IP Address :

50 Slots Region : EU

Discord : https://discord.gg/BReSv4Hr8u

Server Update Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW2hjwLNjPk


⦿ PC Server

⦿ UK Based

⦿ Growing Friendly Community

⦿ Beginners New Players Always Welcome

⦿ Active Admins


Main Features :


⦿ Chernarus Map 

⦿ Quest System - Constant expanding quest system with over 35 Missions so far

⦿ High Tier Loot Compounds Requiring Keycard access with Lootboxes

⦿ Advanced Groups System + Spawn Select + Bed Respawn

⦿ Failed State Helicopters + Failed State Cars with no damage + Car Cover

⦿ SNAFU + Mortys Weapons Systems

⦿ MVS + Equipment System

⦿ Custom Storage + Equipment

⦿ Collectable Barter Items + Dogtags

⦿ Dynamic Animated Heli Crashes

⦿ Airdrops + Cannabis++

⦿ King Of The Hill + Toxic Zones

⦿ BBP + Codelock + BreachingCharges + Custom Raid tools, Door Raiding Only

⦿ Expanding Custom Areas - Over 15 Custom Locations to explore + more to come

⦿ Unlimited Stamina + Autorun

⦿ 2 Traders + 1 Black Market + 1 Vehicle Trader

⦿ Banking with 50K Start and plenty of ways to make money.

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