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Violent DayZ | PvP | Helicopters | 3xLoot | 100k Start | C4RaidOnly | Traders | CustomMods

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■ Violent DayZ aims to find and bring balance between realism and fun.
Hand picked mods aimed to improve the quality of life!
Hand picked mods aimed to bring a lot of diversity and engagement on our servers!
Join our DISCORD!

Main themes are PvP, Raiding and active Community!
Active Staff that actually listens to its community!
Player-base get to decide server changes via polls and votes!

In-game Content:
Custom designed helicopters!
PvP and Raiding with C4 only!
Healthy economy that requires a little grind!
Custom guns!
Drugs+ for selling/growing!
Custom/Improved map locations (NE-AirField, NW-AirField, Stary, VMC, Bashnya)
Active Staff Members!

Quality of Life improvements:
No glove or shoe damage!
Compass Mod!
Autorun Mod & Infinite Stamina!
Open inventory while auto-runnning and driving!
No Vehicle Damage!
Better traction for Off-Road driving!

No NSFW/NSFL content.
Be civil and respectful.
Keep politics to a minimum.
Use channels appropriately.
No excessive self promotion.

Stealing vehicles or items out of the Trader zones is FORBIDDEN!
Do not spam/troll your microphone within safe-zones!
No loot cycling!
No combat logging!
No meta-gaming!

DISCLAIMER: Our rules are subject to change and it is the duty of the member to make him or herself aware of such changes.
For a much more detailed version of our server & rules, please join our DISCORD!


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