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* Azterisk 24/7 | Pass: 'survive' *


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Just a group of guys n gals from the southern US playing one of my newest favorite games!
My background is in game design and development. With it, I intend to use this server to test new features and create an awesome community.

Would like to bring some other admins onboard to help grow this server to the top spot as well!
Profit sharing & special in-game permissions will be discussed following mod releases that enable additional functions.

In computer science an asterisk* can represent two things- either multiplication or a way to notate everything.
That means we are down to try whatever, willing to listen, so we can all grow together.
Hope to see you in game-

How to add server: (until Valheim devs fix it)
1. Open Steam
2. Click the 'View' tab at the top left
3. Select 'Servers'
4. Click the 'Favorites' tab in the window that pops up
5. Click 'Add a Server' at the bottom right
6. Type azterisk.alecbrandt.com:3057 exactly how it appears here in italics
7. Click 'Add this address to favorites'
8. It should populate the server title on the screen. (if you don't see it or have issues past this point, please click the refresh button a couple times before resorting to the discord help chat)
9. Click the server title to highlight and then click 'Connect' at the bottom right.
10. Enter password survive for any password prompts it has (may be more than 1)

That's it! Enjoy and join our discord below to hang out and get cozy.


ALSO!!! If you're interested in starting your own sever, click HERE!

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