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Found 4 results

  1. Admin, So.. are we gooing to get the Addons function soon? If not soon, do you know when? That would allow us to build modded versions in our control panel? I added mods to the java edition via Forge and was able to verify their functionality. I can't seem to get minecraft forge to run on my server. I made sure all the mod releases were correctly matched up with minecraft and forge versions.. My minecraft JE runs on my pc, but for some reason my JRE isn't loading on command, just an error code saying "java was not installed correctly" or something to that effect. Do I need to reinstall Java?
  2. Hello everyone, I am a noob when it comes to Ark server, however I am running an Ark server for over a month now. I noticed that unlike Rust, the Survival Servers Control Panel does not have textbox area to add the Steam64 ID for the owners and admins. So how do I add the steam 64 IDs so the server recognizes the owners and admins in the Ark server? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just started a server here at survialservers.com but for some reason I can't find the proper information how to get the server.headerimage up and running. Any working suggestion would be welcome. I tried all the other things on the internet already
  4. I just got a rust server and i am trying to make it public, how do i do that and add descriptions/picture anything a public server needs. I am trying to get more people to get on but it would make it easier if you wouldnt have to copy and paste the ip over and over.