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Found 4 results

  1. [EU/GER] Scrapyard - Monthly | x5 | Loot++ | TP | Wipe ️ ATTENTION ️ Next wipe: October 1st, 2023 6 p.m. ️ Team: Max. 4 - On/Off Gather x 5 Resources x5 and loot quality ++ TP Tool Anti Offline Protect Cargo tarpaulin Pay attention to the notification at Cargo Plane A random route is set over the map and rustlers can use the plane with a HV Shoot rocket. Loot is juicy!!! Convoy Event A convoy transports a cargo drop, accompanied by 2 Bradleys and several NPCs. Drop contains Scrap and Bradley contains his Crates Junkyard Shop /Shop and you have some very special items available Too many resources in your base? Sell it and get Scrap WipeProtect After a FullWipe you have 44 hours of base protection (real time) SkinMenu /skinbox and drag your desired object into the bar on the right. Of course we have even more features for you such as: ArmoreTrain, Airfield, Gasstation and many more steam://connect/ https://schrott-platz.eu/ https://discord.gg/fnPWD8cvmh German [EU/GER] Schrottplatz - Monthly | x5 | Loot++ | TP | Wipe ️ ACHTUNG ️ Nächster Wipe: 01.10.2023 18Uhr ️ Team: Max. 4 - On/Off Gather x 5 Ressourcen x5 sowie Lootqualität ++ TP Tool Anti Offline Protect Cargo Plane Achte auf die Benachrichtigung bei Cargo Plane Es wird eine random Route über die Karte gesetzt und Rustler können das Flugzeug mit einer HV- Rocket abschießen. Loot ist Saftig!!! Convoy Event Ein Convoy Transportiert ein CargoDrop, beleitet von 2 Bradleys und etlichen NPCs. Drop enthält Scrap und Bradley seine Crates Schrottplatz-Shop /Shop und dir stehen einige sehr besondere Artikel zur Verfügung Zu viele Ressoucen in deiner Base? Verkaufe es und erhalte Scrap WipeProtect Nach einem FullWipe hast du 44 H Baseprotect (Echte Zeit) SkinMenü /skinbox und zieh dein gewünschtes Objekt rechts in die Leiste. Natürlich haben wir für euch noch mehr Features wie: ArmoreTrain, Airfield, Gasstaion und noch viele mehr steam://connect/
  2. Welcome to Paradise! Paradise is a server built for the joy of breeding, and modded for Primal Fear Survival and is based on Valguero! We also have other mods that just make simple things stay simple. Like Creature Finder, stacks, and awesome spyglass. There is a discord to go to for community rules, basic information, as well as the shop along with prices! The discord will be linked at the end of this ad! The discord is run only by me until i find some admins to help me out, so have some patience . Once we have enough constant players, we will begin the games! A dino will be announced for the challenge dino of the week, which you must breed until you have a fully color-mutated version of said dino! Primal fear dinos/creatures are also in the potluck! Come join me on my server, and come have some fun while breeding, taming, and hatching some colorful friends!!! Server Name: PARADISE/Modded/Breeding/Shop/Community discord link: discord.gg/zw4nHst Come be a part of the Ark Paradise family!!
  3. COME JOIN PURR-NATION!! A new 4x4 PVE/PVP ATLAS server just starting out. If your looking for a new fun server to start fresh and be on a equal playing field with everyone on the server this is the one for you. We have a very active and helpful Owner/Admin group. ABSOLUTELY NO ADMIN ABUSE IS TOLERATED ON THE SERVER! We have lootboxes available on our website http://purrnation.tebex.io/ as well as 10 FREE BOXES and 300 POINTS are available on the website. till NOVEMBER 14TH. Lootboxes contain only great stuff in them that most would love to get as well as the possibility of a permanent dragon from the atlas dragons-alpha mod! For more info join our discord and in general chat ask anything and we will answer as soon as possible. https://discord.gg/dsAeE2z We have a custom map with 8 PVE grids across the top and bottom, 8 PVP grids in the middle. We offer a one of a kind pvp setup with our main focus on ship pvp. Combat timer is set to 30 mins if you wanna mess with someone or try to steal their island, but if you are set on raiding we have a 3hr timer on the war token for those that still want the base raiding experience. NO WIPES UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. (SUCH AS CORRUPTED FILES OR FOR NEW CONTENT THAT WE ALL WANT IN GAME IF IS REQUIRED) MOD LIST: Peachy Atlas Decor Peachy Ship Decor Unlockable Submarine Armor Skins CustomShip Lanterns & Torches Galore Eco's Rp Decor Total Structures Regenerating Ships Imoroved Settlements TnM Animal Taming Enhancements LC Atlas Lantern Preserving Feeding Troughs Custom Item Stacks Atlas Dragons-Alpha TnM Powerstone Tameable Animals Market Npc's One Pay Crew Kwaka's Pirate Jukebox Rations SEARCH for 10/29 Purr-Nation I 4x4 I 100PvE/200PvP I Shop/Kits IN UNOFFICIAL AND JOIN US NOW!!