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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! So i bought a server and tried to start it after i configured it, but it wont start and I cant reach the support center site please help. My server info: Game Server ID: 158460 - 10 Slot ARK: Survival Evolved (PC) Game Server - Ordered on 12/25/2021
  2. We installed some new mods last night and the server hasn't booted since. We even tried removing the new mods and it still doesn't want to boot up. However, it says at the top of the control panel "** START/RESTART/UPDATE ** - ARK Update (Automatic) enabled and/or lots of Mod IDs may take additional time to load." below that is also says that the "Ark Version ???" I'm wondering if the issue here is that our server inst updated?
  3. (Solved) 1.) How do I give a character Admin rights and access to console commands to spawn in dinos, items, etc? 2.) Which settings should I never use other than "Clean save folder" to avoid losing all characters, dinos, and structures that have been placed in the map? 3.) If I wanted the max level to be 500+ is there an easy way to calculate how much the EXP needed should scale up when adding levels to the server? 4.) I have seen a lot of issues with people losing the charatcers and dinos when uploading them at Obelisks to transfer to other clustered servers. How do I create a server backup to protect character, dino, and server progress? 5.) Merry Christmas. (I know this isn't a question) If you only know the answer to one or a few of these questions, feel free to share any knowledge you have. Thanks, everyone.
  4. Hi I've been trying to get my server working for the past few hours. I opened a ticket and am waiting to hear back from a staff member about my issue. I am currently attempting to run Overpoch Origins Taviana and the server shows up fine, but when either my friends or I try to join, we always get stuck at "Waiting for Host" with our name red in the top right corner blinking. I checked the server rpt log and nothing is there besides the server startup line. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. If needed I can post my server rpt and anything else needed. Thanks, ned