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Found 7 results

  1. server name - HAVEN HOUSE : Official SCUM Project direct connect - discord community - https://discord.gg/havenhouse max ping - 500 [U.S. Based Server / All Welcome] server focus - PvE + PvP [Zoned] * [6 Large PvP Zones / 4 Vanilla Outposts] server economy - Vanilla with very slight Q.O.L. Adjustments for Increased need for strategy/ slight adjustments for balance trader economy - Vanilla with slight Realism Adjustments/ Prices are the same however some drains and usage costs have been shifted to be more realistic, in some cases this brings slightly easier play sometimes it may agitate you, we understand its not for everyone. staff & community - staff is active in discord and we take suggestions and criticisms we cant grow without honest feedback, we arent gonna jump down your throat n cuss at you etc. community is friendly and small but growing, if you need anything reach out and someone will grab hold so to speak , if you have questions dont feel embarassed just ask, we all hadta find out someway somewhen right server size - we are only a 20 slot server for the time being, this may change in the future Thank you for your time and your eyes reading our lil advert @};~, sincerely // Moby D - Babysmurf - TheOnlyRaze - ItzAshley & The Rest of Our Staff at The Haven House
  2. during the process of trying to solve a seperate issue i believe i found a solve for the issue of servers showing 64 slots instead of 20 (or whatever the renters slot size actually is) when viewing the in game server roster// -stop server , -refresh webpage, -disable auto updates, -enable update+validate function, -all 1 time toggles remain off! , -and start server - do Not use either restart button Use the start button. worked 6 times in a row so no need for hosters to change their server location and wipe server to solve this issue anymore!!! happy 4th of july dames n degens, hope this helps some of you out of a jam)
  3. good afternoon , the hotfix/ patch that came out today does not seem to be installing on the server correctly, i have tried multiple times and ways to no success/ avail (however i did solve the issue of server showing 64 slots instead of 20 in the in game server roster// stop server , refresh webpage, disable auto updates, enable update+validate, all 1 time toggles remain off! , and start server - do Not use either restart button Use the start button. worked 6 times in a row so no need for hosters to change their server location and wipe server to solve this issue anymore!!! happy 4th of july dames n degens, moving on... ) is there something that needs to be done on the host service end for this to install, or am i missing a step in updating? this is the only update or patch thus far that has not allowed us to update to the new version at all so we are a bit stumped, / server shows as running however its running on outdated version (0.9.536) and we need to bump up to (0.9.537) , unsure if we are doing something wrong or missing something, if anyone has any info we really appreciate it , especially since its a holiday for alot of us [Edit=typos, i said autoupdate + validate n its disable auto and enable update+validate]
  4. 我想知道我需要如何查看的游戏日志?没有日志,我找不到使用作弊的玩家
  5. Welcome to Europe Evolved A PvE PvP Custom Zone Scum server with 2x loot and exp SERVER IP : Are you tired of losing weeks of progress in a single night? Fed up with cheaters ruining the fun? We know the feeling all too well. That's why we've created our own scum server for players like us who want to enjoy SCUM as a casual game, without the need to dedicate endless hours for guarding bases or exploring every nook and cranny of the map. Server Features: Boosted Loot: No more endless searching for gear. We've boosted the loot so you can get equipped faster and enjoy the game more! Increased Exp Gains: Level up quicker and dive deeper into the action without the grind. No Bots, No welcome packs: We don't believe in Welcome packs and other bullshit, what you find is what you get. The map is Divided to PVE / PVP sectors , where all major POI's and all middle squares are PVP, all the rest are PVE. Red Zones: These are pvp zones, no limits applied, you can damage players in any way. Mines do work in PVP zones. Blue Zones: These are pve zones, you cannot lockpick other players locks, and your mines wont work in PVE zones. Which makes the zone safe for all players to park their vehicles and not worry about their base. The Borderlands: The borderlands are the middle area of the map, dividing it to 4 sectors. You may choose to place your base there, or lurk around for players crossing from sector to sector, up to you to decide. Be careful though its a dangerous place.
  6. How does it solve the problem? Is it because of what?
  7. Is there a way to reduce map size? i see selection custom, but can't find other options