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Found 1 result

  1. THE MAKING OF THE MOB Welcome fellow Survivors and thanks for taking the time to stop and read this post. We are a DAYZ Mob PVP RP server where with money anything is possible. Do you have what it takes to takeover Livonia and become the richest most dangerous mob there is? Then come and grab yourself a custom built HQ with uniforms and watering hole and start to grow your Empire. Grow weed, find contraband and antiques and sell them to the Black Market and buy anything you want. Guns, raid gear, base expansions and defences and take control of your territory! Run and defend a business to earn weekly income. Great weekly events include: Ammo and Weapon drops The Jungle Capture the Flag Building Drops Secret bunker full of raiding gear And much more to come. Thanks for your time. MOTM TEAMhttps://discord.gg/PTamVqA2fX