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Found 7 results

  1. Loot is scarce and some meds are worth more than most bullets. Food is hard to come by & the infected are dangerous and abundant, be careful not to catch wound infection. Faction members frequently roam the lands, either scavenging, scouting, or enacting total town takeovers. Will you try to befriend them and develop trusted trade networks? Or will you seize the opportunity to take their loot for yourself? Come explore the new 1.19 Livonia update, see what all the new sights were added. Additionally, the Unsettled Admin team added exclusive Places of Interest & extensions to already existing places to further increase the level of exploration within the new Livonia map. Who will you be? What will you accomplish? How far will you go? This is your Unsettled Journey. Hardcore Livonia server, where RolePlay is encouraged but not enforced. PvP is allowed, & KOS is discouraged but is allowed. Server name: Unsettled - Survive in the New World Address: Server version: 1.19.155430 Required game version: 1.19.0 Map: Livonia Mission: DayZ Looking for a group? Join the discord and enroll in the join-a-group channel Server Discord:https://discord.gg/KA7RFe6GX2 Community Website: unsettledcommunity.com
  2. Hello Survivor! We are WandererRP, a classic not monetised and heavily modded DayZ Roleplay Server. The lore is set in a nuclear winter after WW3, our focus is on telling immersive apocalyptic storys for everybody to enjoy! The Server is still very young and we are also looking for staff members with experience and determination. We got a full discord set up so if you're looking for a new alternative DayZ Roleplay Server, look no further than WandererRP. Be sure to read the rules and the lore before playing (we are currently not whitelist) https://discord.gg/6hmDMDQFpg
  3. ➤ Impact RP focuses on Hardcore Roleplay, the world is harsh and unforgiving. Items are limited and everything is out to kill you. We thrive to make the experience difficult, but still provide a new and enjoyable roleplay experience. ➤ Server Name: Impact RP|Hardcore|No KOS|RolePlay| ➤ Server IP: ➤ Trailer: Coming Soon ➤ TrackyServer: https://www.trackyserver.com/server/last-dayz-1330568 ➤ Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2652494386 ➤ Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/KVSG8GsKHz
  4. The Last of Us Last Of US has opened its doors! Created on the October 1st 2020, a year ago. We've had a some much time to figure out and plan out what way is, the best way to make a RP/PVE server. And we have figured it out, the LoUS staff number one goal is to provide the best RP experience for any new or old DayZ players. We've experimented it so many different servers, and noted the pros and cons in each and had merged all the good things we've recognised all together, and made LoUS. We've created new community events where you have something to do all the time when you hop onto our server, experienced and mature RP'ers. THE BEST STAFF, where we represent LoUS in full colour, and listen to our community all the way. Because we want you to have the best experience. What we provide: • 42 slot server [ Add more slots as soon as the community grows and becomes more active] • Experienced in-depth RP'ers • Well rounded staff members • Active community • Safezones • KOS zones • Modded items • NEW community events • Economy • Three different trading zones [ AND A LOT MORE ] F.Y.I Keep in mind this server is still in development, so new things are always being tweaked and added so that the server and can perform better than before, and that YOU have a better experience. But the server mod file is still in development so you won't be able straight away till the server is in working order. If you interested the server discord is: https://discord.gg/2CvuGAJ9UH
  5. New RP server! Chernarus Safe zones Interaction rules Taxis Bounties Drivers license Haulage company Black market Admin trader Traders Factions Come join our great community! Any factions that join get a free building package! Any friend recommended you will receive 300 DC https://discord.gg/Jm53b9RW
  6. Hello, I’m here to announce a new RP server If you love Pokémon and would like to catch them all come to join us on this awesome Journey for some good RP the server will be opening Friday so come join us in the Discord say hi https://discord.gg/stSM2UZNNj
  7. IVORYDAYZ ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY We are a roleplay community based off Organic and realistic gameplay. We currently have TopeRec as our advertiser so keep a eye out on his channel to see what we have in store. You can register on our forums at https://ivorydayz.com/ Aswell as join our discord here, https://discord.gg/zkkRxRz