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Found 6 results

  1. BraindeathDayZ Community PVP Server Platform: PC BraindeathDayZ was founded in September 2021. The Server got the focus on PVP, Raiding and Base Building. With first person perspective (FPP) and lots of custom Mods & content for you to check out. You should know we have a Group Limit of MAX 4 at one time, you can switch out after 30 Minutes & we also dont use Helicopters. Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/skG6MmrS2c) for the server rules and all the infos you gonna need. We just released our home made Table Saw Mod on our Server what can be placed / used by the Player in their own Base, You can see how it works in our Teaser (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GGqDKAEeUM) Server Features/Properties: * Codelock limit on Doors/Gates/Hatches of 20 max * AI-Bots/Patrols at all Crash-Sites, Tier 4 Areas & Contaminated Areas * CCTV System, you can place a Laptop in your Base and attach 5 Cameras to it, so you can check the outside of your Base without going out! * Special Airdrops comes two times restart length only, defended by Aliens * Military Stashes you can dig out with a Farming Hoe, Shovel or Pickaxe * KOTH you need to capture for 20 Minutes to get the rewards * Cargo Supply * ATMs for robbing to get some Cash * Random Train, Plane, Helicopter & Police Crashes + Crashed Convoys * Dynamic Helicrashes * Custom Tier System, Devils Castle, Biathlon & Tisy count all as Tier 4 areas, be careful Tisy is a Contaminated Area * You need to loot Sheet Metal & Concrete Bricks(we do not have Concrete Mixers on the Map) * Werebears around the Map who can drop Keys / Cards & Pelts to sell for a Bitcoin * Active Admin Team! Instant Support via our Ticket System in our Discord with German & English only. * Raidtools like Safe/Vehicle/Tent Hacking Device, Sledgehammer, custom Homemade Breachingcharge & Heavy Breachingcharge with custom Explosion Sound * Basebuilding: BBP 2.0 * Barter Items like Pokemon Cards, GameBoy Games, Polaroid Pictures, Gameboys, GPU, SSD, Pocket Watch, PS1 Memory Card, USB Stick, IPhone, Gold Nuggets & Diamond * Lots of Custom Clothes / Gear / Items * Lots of Map edits with taking care about details + custom loot points * Food & Drink with more Boosts * Markets: 1x Black Market at Myshkino, 1x Black Market at Bashnya, 1x Safe Zone at Altar, 1x Safe Zone at Pavlovo & 1x Building Trader at Kelm(BM) * Autorun, Killfeed without distance, Dogtag System, No Vehicle Damage, BetterItemSizes, Inventory Move Sounds, Vehicle 3PP, Earplus, Group System, Map/Marker System, Spawn Select, BMW & Dingo, Discord Raid Alarm System * And probably way more for you to check out/discover * Modular Vest System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/3_Vest.png * Base / Storage Items like Hesco, Watchtower, Woodstorage, Gunracks, Watercontainer, CCTV, Tents, Weapon-Cases, Decos, Safes etc https://ziller.eu/braindeath/storage.jpeg * Keycards to open restricted areas https://ziller.eu/braindeath/BD_Keycard_Green.png * Keys to open locked crates on OilRigs and some locked Rooms around the Map https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Key.png * Body Bags, wont despawn with server restarts / mod updates https://ziller.eu/braindeath/bodybag.jpeg * Underground Bunker with Toxic-Gas inside, its dark inside and it may be protected by some heavy Creatures. In their you can find Raidtools & Highloot. To Enter that Bunker you gonna need a full NBC Outfit, a Gas Mask + Filter and lots of Ammo. The Entrance for the Bunker is between Stary & Novy Sobor https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Bunker.png * Base Respawn ? Take a Sleeping Bag and place it in your Base https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Sleeping_bags.png * A Starter Base Shed Kit you can buy at our Markets https://ziller.eu/braindeath/hut.jpeg * Vehicle Repair/Flip Tool, it has two uses and it repairs every Vehicle in every state to Pristine, flipping has no limits https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle_repair_tool.jpeg * Blood & Health Stimpacks https://ziller.eu/braindeath/blood_stimpack.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/stimpack.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/super_stimpack.jpeg * Armored Vehicles, you can drive over trees with them and their parts like doors/trunk etc wont fall off fast, on all others they fall off pretty fast as soon as they reached the badly damaged/ruined state: https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle1.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle2.jpeg https://ziller.eu/braindeath/vehicle4.jpeg * Vest Damage System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/damage_system_bulletproof_vest.jpeg * Helmet Damage System https://ziller.eu/braindeath/damage_system_helmet.jpeg * Multiple Wallpapers, Carpets & Plasters for your Base https://ziller.eu/braindeath/walls.jpeg * Designed Vending Machines https://ziller.eu/braindeath/automats.jpeg * Aircraft Model https://ziller.eu/braindeath/aircraft_carrier.jpeg * OilRig Model https://ziller.eu/braindeath/drilling_rig.jpeg * Trader Plus https://ziller.eu/braindeath/Maket.png * No Building Zones https://ziller.eu/braindeath/No_building_zones.png
  2. Thank you for considering AZ DayZ! Looking for a place to call home? Look no further AZ DayZ has a place for you! Looking for factions to come setup shop. Looking to get some battles happening!! ||||||||||| Chernarus/Livonia Server LIVE |||||||||||| Some things our servers includes are; - 36 slots - SS9 Trader - 3x Loot - Weekend raids - Ready cars/trucks - Custom locations - Weekly Events - More zombies/animals - Economy - Cannabis Trader - Fur Trader - Point system tied to game activity - Kill feed - Active Helpful Admins & much more! Our server has around 25 regular players who all play at different times from around the world. Lots of base building action going on and lots of server action going on. Now is a great time to get in and get established before the server grows more. We are open to solos, friends and factions, all are welcome! Come give us a try & I can assure you that you won't regret it! To get started, head over to our Discord Server; https://discord.gg/XvdUZpgSTD If discord is not your thing and you'd just like to play, then you can find us by searching AZ DayZ in your Community Server Launcher!
  3. PC 30 Slots Custom Chernarus Map Unlimited Stamina PvP Weekend Raiding Trader Blackmarket Keycards Weekly Events Referral Program Promotion Program Live Killfeed Modded/Boosted 4x Loot C130/Heli Crash Site's Faction Wars https://discord.gg/2Ed6Z5SmAT
  4. I found this server through a friend and honestly it's the best sever I've been on yet. The admins are active and vary helpful all the mods work great together and the stability of the sever is really good for all that is going on. It's a pvp and pve server it's sweet how they made this sever. Come and join us 24/7.
  5. Hello, This Is A KOS Server With A Little Bit Of RP. RP Isn't Required But Is Recommended! The RP Theme Is PMC Groups Came In To Chernarus Looking For A Cure And There Are Many Rival Groups Out And About So You Can Expect To Run Into PMC Groups/Factions And See Similar In Game Missions/Events That Go Out In Game Chat. You Can Still RP As Whatever You Like Since It Isn't Really Required But Just Some Things You Can Expect! There Are Lots Of Custom Areas Such As Dorms/Resort! It's Not Perfect But Still Fun If You're A Fan Of Tarkov! Many Other Things As Well Like KOTH/Airdrops And KeyCard Rooms! Join The Discord To See Everything Simplified! https://discord.gg/QdwpKMs
  6. WarriorZ is bringing you a whole new Banov experience like no other! Over 5000 hours and huge amounts of cash have gone into the production of this server to bring you what we believe is going to be the best Banov experience out there. We have worked tirelessly adding a huge amount of custom areas and additions as well as lots of custom clothing/guns/items. Our focus is PVP so we have ensured that armour/guns are well balanced to ensure fair PVP. We have also focused on creating PVP all around the map with events that global ping and alert all players with ATM robberies around the map as well as our custom bank robbery mission at Overgrown military. We have completely modernised the DayZ experience with a whole new market system which will allow you to easily navigate and customise weapons/clothing to your liking and have it saved as a pre-set. We have over 60 vehicles available as well as helicopters with gunner seats. Our server has well balanced loot with a huge selection of guns available. Active admins! Trailer: https://youtu.be/KfzU9cGq4cc Server Information: • Name: WarriorZ Banov 1PP • Location: US • Max players currently: 80 • IP: • Restarts: 3am/6am/9am/12pm/3pm/6pm/9pm/12am • Playstyle: PVP • 1PP • Discord: https://discord.gg/4e473cPszq • Raid alarms • Huge amount of custom edits, clothing, guns, helicopters etc • Spawn select • Keycard Bunkers • ATM Robberies • Custom Bank Robbery mission • Custom Anzio 20mm • 60+ Vehicles (including helicopters with gunner seat and fully functional tank!) • Sleeping bag respawn • Mystery Box • Custom Scripts • Care package • KOTH • + Lots more Come check us out and see what you think for yourself! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact on our Discord