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Found 2 results

  1. (Solved) 1.) How do I give a character Admin rights and access to console commands to spawn in dinos, items, etc? 2.) Which settings should I never use other than "Clean save folder" to avoid losing all characters, dinos, and structures that have been placed in the map? 3.) If I wanted the max level to be 500+ is there an easy way to calculate how much the EXP needed should scale up when adding levels to the server? 4.) I have seen a lot of issues with people losing the charatcers and dinos when uploading them at Obelisks to transfer to other clustered servers. How do I create a server backup to protect character, dino, and server progress? 5.) Merry Christmas. (I know this isn't a question) If you only know the answer to one or a few of these questions, feel free to share any knowledge you have. Thanks, everyone.
  2. Ok so i loaded a few mods, and i've got myself set for ddos protection via dallas server. Initial load up has ping set to nearly 300.... when its never even been that on my other servers (official AND unofficial) an i play on EU/OC servers as well as NA (as my NEW server is...) Sooo like what gives? Is it really my mods, which work perfectly on the other unofficial NA server i currently admin/play on? cause they're all updated, an they're the EXACT ones.. no more an no less... Sooo, i'm not sure exactly whats going on. I did try some ping/lag reducers per the help section already, but they don't seem to have worked. Unless, i missed a step (which, not perfect - so i could've!) Oh, one more thing... when will scorched earth information be implemented like the regular ark, for engram choices since they brought the 2 newest dinos from ark into scorched earth map either yesterday or today.. Also, how does one change the level of the wild dinos without using a mod, is that on the server settings or is that IN the server itself as admin the player? Mod IDs in use are: 510590313, 554678442, 633831197, 569786012, 630601751, 564895376