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Found 6 results

  1. i started a new server... when i access it via the FTP to install plugins from Oxide (umod.org) i have Oxide selected on the drop down and my server has been saved and restarted... i Log into FTP and all i see are two folders, "RustDedicated_Data" and "server".. i have dug down in each folder and do not see the "oxide" folder to upload the plugins... have i messed something up or am i blind and dumb and don't understand something properly?
  2. I am doing some custom plugins leveraging the ArkApi (now AtlasApi). Plugins work that is all fine but I noticed that even if I unload the plugin I can not replace the file as it says it is locked. Best guess I had was that it is locked from "redis" but I am not seeing a feasible way to stop that temporarily to test my theory. I know this might not seem pressing but as people get plugins I am sure this will become more of an issue. Thanks!
  3. I just purchased a rust server so me and my friends have a place to play on. I'm currently using RustAdmin to admin my server and i learned how to add plugins into the ftp root port. When i log into the actual game and into my server it says im the amin/owner and some of the basic plugins are already working (i.e. NTeleportation, DeathNotes, InfoPanel,.) I want to make my server a 5x server and i read that i needed to use the LootConfig plugin, but for the life of me i don't know how to edit the .cs file and save it to do what i want it to do. There are more plugins that require editing them such as fancydrop, gathermanager, and kits and i don't know what to do. Please help?
  4. Hi! Yesterday i bought my new server. At the first moment there were no problems. But if i installed my first plugin. i couldn't connect anymore. i tried everything. restarting my game, reinstalling my game, removing the plugin, ect.. But nothing changed ='( If i put the option to HW Update to: Yes, run update. and restart my server nothing happends still have the same issue. the option jumps automaticly back to Only if needed. I really don't know what to do.. Anyone who can help me?! Thanks alot!
  5. How do I upload plugins/mods to a server? (Bought my first server ever!) I want to add a few plugins, that I don't know how to add. Plugins ---- Teleport - http://oxidemod.org/plugins/n-teleportation.1832/ Clans - http://oxidemod.org/plugins/rust-io-clans.842/ Instacraft - http://oxidemod.org/plugins/crafting-controller.695/ Also what plugin could I use for 4x resources?
  6. I've been trying to install some plugins onto my server but im not sure if im outting it unto the right folder. All the plugins i try to install say to put it into the oxide plugin folder. But i cant seem to even locate that folder. Can someone please help me? As i am trying to installing a quick smelt and a gather mod for my server.