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  1. Welcome to Inglorious Bastards!!! Killfeed Factions Jobs/quests to complete for credits Support network Economy discord!! Loots spawns are vanilla Come join our server and interact with other survivors!! https://discord.gg/gkBrDzzFqF
  2. Are you tired of admin abuse. Tired of not having a server to call home? Come join our brand new Dayz servers Fight4Homestead. We have both Chernarus and Livonia maps. Boosted loot, safe zones for PVE players. Starting gear and a bunch of custom locations key points* * 32 Slots Chernarus map( more will be added once we grow) 10 slot Livonia map (more will be added once we grow) * Call of Duty inspired NukeTown PVP area(Chernarus map) * Starting Gear * Boosted loot (More Guns) * boosted cars (full cars including new Humvee) * Custom locations (modded castles spawned in for players) * Infinite Stamina * Boosted food * Boosted medical supply * Full uniforms spawned in * PVP bags in military * Inland spawns and Coastal spawns * GPS spawned in bag when you first spawn in *Starting Gear *Factions * Safezones for PVE players * Jeabers Killfeed (global) * Looking for Admin join our discord https://discord.gg/j8xP9pY6 Hope we got your attention. Look forward to having you join the Homestead team. Thanks for Reading.
  3. Vanilla DayZ[EU] NoTrader|1PP|4GroupMax|VanillaBases|AirDrops Vanilla DayZ [EU] is a new and upcoming EU vanilla server with small quality of life changes for the perfect gameplay! Server Information IP: Port: 2302 Map: ChernarusPlus Version: 1.19 Location: United Kingdom Max Players: 40 4 Group Max Restarts: Every 6 hours. PVP/PVE Discord: https://discord.gg/wwM7XbDhxM
  4. The Exiled DayZ PC Servers are looking for more active players to join our ranks! We offer some of the most complex PVE servers out there! Our Player Vs Environment will push you to your limits. We Hope To See You Soon! NEW CHERNO- HOSTILE TERRIORY- ALPHA ISLAND- EXCLUSION ZONE (HARDMODE)- DEATH VALLEY- 1.Custom AI 2.Custom Gear/Equipment 3.Active Staff 4.Discord Ranking System 5.350+ Guns and Weapons 6.Boss Fights on every server 7.Kill/Loot Farms 8.Custom Traders
  5. Loot is scarce and some meds are worth more than most bullets. Food is hard to come by & the infected are dangerous and abundant, be careful not to catch wound infection. Faction members frequently roam the lands, either scavenging, scouting, or enacting total town takeovers. Will you try to befriend them and develop trusted trade networks? Or will you seize the opportunity to take their loot for yourself? Come explore the new 1.19 Livonia update, see what all the new sights were added. Additionally, the Unsettled Admin team added exclusive Places of Interest & extensions to already existing places to further increase the level of exploration within the new Livonia map. Who will you be? What will you accomplish? How far will you go? This is your Unsettled Journey. Hardcore Livonia server, where RolePlay is encouraged but not enforced. PvP is allowed, & KOS is discouraged but is allowed. Server name: Unsettled - Survive in the New World Address: Server version: 1.19.155430 Required game version: 1.19.0 Map: Livonia Mission: DayZ Looking for a group? Join the discord and enroll in the join-a-group channel Server Discord:https://discord.gg/KA7RFe6GX2 Community Website: unsettledcommunity.com
  6. Hello Survivors! We run this very new server from Germany (EU) and it is ready for players to enjoy! Address: Name: FAV US! ONLY HERE: Spawn Select *INCL* Sleeping Bag ReSpawn We want to stay as close to the traditional vanilla feeling as possible but also have some mechanics refined! We custom fixed a bridge between a sleeping bag mod and a spawn select mod so now you can spawn where you prefer. Sleeping bags spawn as loot and when you deploy them you get it as a spawnable location in the spawn menu! So if you're on a tight budget of gaming time or just tired of spending hours running to get to where you wanted to start you're golden here! Furthermore the following QoL mods. We test all the mods on the server very well on a testserver before it gets to the "live" environment, so you can be reasonably sure that these immersion+QoL mods will not interfere with your gameplay but only serve to make it more interesting: - sleeping bags spawn as loot - choose spawn position, including sleeping bags - shorter nights - open food cans on rocks - investigate the cause of death of corpses - get drunk when you drink kvass (beer) or vodka - press m to see a map, but you can't see your position, and no 3d markers - empty items are left behind if you eat and drink, others can track you through your trash you leave behind if you don't clean it up. - there are 50 matches in a matchbox and you can pick them out one by one, there are candles which burn 30 minutes and can be re-lit - you can catch rain in water bottles and other containers you hold or which are put on the ground when it rains prolonged and very heavily - build everywhere The server restarts every 6 hours. Fav us! We will be happy to see you here, and we will improve this server more and more over the next weeks, always well tested, well thought-out. We don't want to overload it with mods, we want meaningful additions+adjustments. Discord-link being worked on, incoming! If you have questions, suggestions, criticism let us know in the comments!
  7. My server is looking for traders and guards. Also we are on 1st page in Playstation communities. The only safe zones are traders. Pls join the discord to be more involved.
  8. Thank you for considering AZ DayZ! Looking for a place to call home? Look no further AZ DayZ has a place for you! Looking for factions to come setup shop. Looking to get some battles happening!! ||||||||||| Chernarus/Livonia Server LIVE |||||||||||| Some things our servers includes are; - 36 slots - SS9 Trader - 3x Loot - Weekend raids - Ready cars/trucks - Custom locations - Weekly Events - More zombies/animals - Economy - Cannabis Trader - Fur Trader - Point system tied to game activity - Kill feed - Active Helpful Admins & much more! Our server has around 25 regular players who all play at different times from around the world. Lots of base building action going on and lots of server action going on. Now is a great time to get in and get established before the server grows more. We are open to solos, friends and factions, all are welcome! Come give us a try & I can assure you that you won't regret it! To get started, head over to our Discord Server; https://discord.gg/XvdUZpgSTD If discord is not your thing and you'd just like to play, then you can find us by searching AZ DayZ in your Community Server Launcher!
  9. Name / BRUTALCORE-Hardcore Vanilla Survival-1PP/WinterChernarus/SnowMobiles/BushCraftPlus Discord / https://discord.gg/Z73dMRXZ IP / Version / 1.18 Region / U.S. Map / Chernarus Lock / No Password + No WhiteList Mode / 1st Person Slots / 30 Survivors Mod Count / 13 Mods / CF / Dabs Framework / VPPAdminTools / Winter Chernarus / Namalsk Survival / WalkingDeadZombies / FrozenCorpses / Ear-Plugs / HardCoreBackPack / Mag Obfuscation / Savage Snowmobiles / Vanilla++ Tanning & Coloring / BRUTALCORE Server Package This is a lightly modded, hardcore survival server, meant for players looking for a nice challenge. If youre tired of loading 40+ mods for a server labeled hardcore , then this is the place for you ! While we welcome all players, it should be noted, this server may not provide the best experience for players that are new to the game. That said if you learn to play here, vanilla and many other community servers will feel like a cake walk The server was wiped recently, so any solos, duos, and factions alike, all have the chance to get established and make a name for themselves For additional information and questions, please join discord staff is active, easy to approach and respond promptly STAY SAFE, STAY WARM AND AS ALWAYS... BEST OF LUCK SURVIVORS!
  10. BRUTALCORE Launcher Information Name / BRUTALCORE-Hardcore Vanilla Survival-1PP/WinterChernarus/SnowMobiles/BushCraftPlus IP / Version / 1.18 Required Region / U.S. West Template / DayzOffline.ChernarusPlus (Winter) Type / Community (Open) Lock / No Password + No WhiteList Mode / 1st Person Only DLCs / None Slots / 30 Survivors Day cycle / 6xAcceleration Night Cycle / 7.5x Acceleration This is a lightly modded, hardcore survival server with customized assets, meant for players who want to challenge themselves and have a more realistic post apocalypse experience. We have no modded weapons, clothing or infected. loot and food sources have been lowered, as well as the overall temperature of the map. The only mods added to this server are to add realism and difficulty to each players experience. If you're looking for a challenge, give it a try! We hope to see you soon. Enjoy! If you have questions, join Discord for tips, info, events, updates and support https://discord.gg/HAQMGMqx
  11. PC 30 Slots Custom Chernarus Map Unlimited Stamina PvP Weekend Raiding Trader Blackmarket Keycards Weekly Events Referral Program Promotion Program Live Killfeed Modded/Boosted 4x Loot C130/Heli Crash Site's Faction Wars https://discord.gg/2Ed6Z5SmAT
  12. Lost Days Boosted \[US\] \[Livonia\] \[Xbox\] Come join us at Lost Days Boosted on Livonia on Xbox. It's an amazing server with boosted loot, trader, and banking system. We are looking to have in game challenges and events. Our server is catered for survival of the fittest, so come try your luck with us! We are still a growing server and would love to help grow within the community ! We are always open to suggestions to help make our server a friendly and fun space. Come join our discord: [LostDaysBoosted](https://discord.gg/h5hWvxu2) Our staff will gladly answer your questions or you can ask for me - @ mommy empress - to help guide you!
  13. I found this server through a friend and honestly it's the best sever I've been on yet. The admins are active and vary helpful all the mods work great together and the stability of the sever is really good for all that is going on. It's a pvp and pve server it's sweet how they made this sever. Come and join us 24/7.
  14. FLIPPED SPAWN LIVONIA FOR THE TRUE SURVIVAL FEEL. Livonia! FRESH WIPE 20 AUGUST 6PM 50 slot PS Raid weekends Fri/Sat7-midnight Sun7-10 Active factions and squads and solos Trader - stocked to the brim buying and selling Animals up to encourage hunting and a true survival feel No super boosted loot Guns found in the right tiers. custom toxic reward. High reward or the high risk Tonnes of event to win raid packs. Currency and weed! fun and fair admins. Zero toxicity in gen. Fights ends in GGs and good laughs. Mature community https://discord.gg/UZuV47kfcK
  15. 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗥𝗮𝗽𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 • New PlayStation Server • 32 slots UK Server • Discord channel • 24/7 PVP • Base raids every weekend • Base building anywhere apart from P.O.I. • Factions • Active Admins • Active Trader Outpost • Custom loot • Unlimited stamina • Currency/Gambling • Factions • Regular events …and more to come Welcome to 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗥𝗮𝗽𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 We are a fresh new server with a growing community. If you're looking for a friendly server and want to enjoy DAYZ in all aspects come join us and our discord to see everything we offer. We listen to your feedback and we're trying to give you the best DAYZ experience possible. https://discord.gg/TheRapture
  16. Foreign Legion A pvp/pve Playstation server. Located in Chernarus. Our goal is to have an active & friendly community. We have a baseraidweekends, every other week from Friday 20PM CET – Sunday 20PM CET Fightclub every other Sunday at 20PM CET. During the week live Events and airdrops. We accept every kind of player and try to create a good environment for everyone. We are mainly a Dutch/English speaking community. Build Anywhere - Unlimited Stamina – Trader - Discord currency – Killfeed - Modded areas https://discord.io/Foreign-Legion-DayZ
  17. Nuketown DayZ | Playstation | Chenarus | PVE/PVP Balance | Trader Nuketown was started by a like-minded coalition of DayZ players who wanted to create something unique and fun amongst the many 100X LOOT and deathmatch servers on console. We are here to have fun in a shared experience with a Discord community. Nuketown strives to balance risk and reward Survival will be hard in Nuketown, but the more risks you are willing to take the higher the rewards. There is a large part of the map designated as the “Dark Zone” where PVP is allowed and other dangers exist. PVE players will be tempted to also visit the Dark Zone for its riches and surprises. We also feature: Fresh wipe on July 19 16 player slots, willing to expand as it’s needed Map: Chenarus Many risk/reward loot adjustments PVP and PVE (No KOS/raiding) areas Bi-weekly Purge (KOS and raiding allowed across the map) Day/night: 4 hours/30 minutes Unlimited sprinting Vehicles mostly complete Zombie hordes across the map Custom structures and Points of Interest to discover Factions Planned events In-house modding and content fully automated trader system Killfeed And more! Friendly, chill and active admins. Join our discord to get whitelisted and in on the action: https://discord.gg/BDaPmFm2am
  18. System: Playstation Location: USA Map: Chernarus Discord: https://discord.gg/RZzY4FhH The server rules are subject to change. The current rules are as follows: 1. Base raiding is allowed. You are not allowed to take over a base. Raid it and then leave. Do not put your own lock on or change the code to a base that doesn't belong to you. Do not log out inside any base that doesn't belong to you. Anyone who violates this rule, will be banned. 2. There are 5 small castle bases in the map. These are first come, first serve. If there is not gate and lock, then it's considered available. 3. If you wish to have a structure and/or building spawned in custom for your base, direct message Admin and send the request. You'll need to be as detailed as possible as to what you're wanting, where you're wanting it and how it's to be oriented. There is no guarantee that your request will be approved. 4. Make sure your gamer name and discord name match. 5. Do not build bases in any military base. If you're aren't sure if it's allowed, message Admin and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  19. hi there our group just came here from nitrados hosting services, unfortunately im having trouble finding the file for launch parameters in my ftp just trying to get used to this setup and its givin me hell, have about 24-48 hours b4 nitrado service expires n im tryna get us up n running here before then so when it runs out there only have to change the server name here, long story short i have everything down in terms of configging server BESIDES how to work on this setup lmao (insert sweating smiley face here ) i know i need to put "-AMod=/[email protected]=(etc) somewhere but cant find it in my ftp program XD anyone willing to point me the right way its greatly appreciated as nitrado doesnt give access to command lines or loading parameters you jus drop folders n keys n put @mod;@mod;@mod etc n its a wrap after you restart) i may sound dumb as hell considering how long ive been at this but whatever you know, i jus wanna get my players on a better hosting service! theyve stuck w us through thick n thin n they deserve it to say the least!!
  20. hey there folks, ive been running dayz servers for a while now but im new here (came over from nitrado) and im having a bit of a hard time adjusting to things (ive been blessed to get some help from a few kind people but im now stuck in between a rock and a hard place) i have my mod ids/steam ids for mods in their place -> 1559212036,2545327648,2302717234,1602372402 my launch line is as follows -> "[email protected];@Dabs Framework;@DeerIsle;@dbo_surfaces_DI" all bikeys are in the main key folder in ftp dayzOffline.deerisle is in mpmissions folder serverDZ.cfg (aka expert mode on nitrados interface) is set so that server template should start dayzOffline.deerisle on start unfortunately when the server starts it shows the deer isle loading screen then i spawn outside of berezino in chernarus XD whats confusing is it shows all the mods when i look at required mods in the launcher any and all help is greatly GREATLY appreciated as im lost at this point
  21. Negative-Ramos: High vehicle spawns with loot/Decent loot spawns/Free shop buildings with loot/Weekend raid/Trade store for new explosives/Great community+Friendly staff, just great in general
  22. WarriorZ is bringing you a whole new Banov experience like no other! Over 5000 hours and huge amounts of cash have gone into the production of this server to bring you what we believe is going to be the best Banov experience out there. We have worked tirelessly adding a huge amount of custom areas and additions as well as lots of custom clothing/guns/items. Our focus is PVP so we have ensured that armour/guns are well balanced to ensure fair PVP. We have also focused on creating PVP all around the map with events that global ping and alert all players with ATM robberies around the map as well as our custom bank robbery mission at Overgrown military. We have completely modernised the DayZ experience with a whole new market system which will allow you to easily navigate and customise weapons/clothing to your liking and have it saved as a pre-set. We have over 60 vehicles available as well as helicopters with gunner seats. Our server has well balanced loot with a huge selection of guns available. Active admins! Trailer: https://youtu.be/KfzU9cGq4cc Server Information: • Name: WarriorZ Banov 1PP • Location: US • Max players currently: 80 • IP: • Restarts: 3am/6am/9am/12pm/3pm/6pm/9pm/12am • Playstyle: PVP • 1PP • Discord: https://discord.gg/4e473cPszq • Raid alarms • Huge amount of custom edits, clothing, guns, helicopters etc • Spawn select • Keycard Bunkers • ATM Robberies • Custom Bank Robbery mission • Custom Anzio 20mm • 60+ Vehicles (including helicopters with gunner seat and fully functional tank!) • Sleeping bag respawn • Mystery Box • Custom Scripts • Care package • KOTH • + Lots more Come check us out and see what you think for yourself! We look forward to seeing you there. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact on our Discord
  23. https://discord.gg/45ks9JTvUs whitelisted discord active trader and admins 15k starter cash free set up from trader to start you off Factions benefits ko and pvp active weekly events raid weekends
  24. SERVER NAME: Ascendants From Ash-RP/PVE++Loot/Cars/Animals+VIP https://discord.gg/afadayz FREE WELCOME GIFTS! (ALL YOU CAN CARRY HIGH-TIRED LOOT)!!! PLATFORM: PS4/5 MOUSE/KEYBOARD Enabled PASSWORD/WHITELIST: Whitelist MAP: Livonia PLAYER SLOTS: 32 LAST SERVER WIPE: 6/11 1.18 Update Caring staff - Community ROLEPLAY server Custom shops (weed, hunter, garage 2 Custom VIP areas! KOS & Safe Zones Generous welcome gifts (all you can carry high-tiered loot!! Discord economy Build Anywhere Killfeed/Heatmap available Events Fighting ring Boosted Loot Boosted animals Boosted Food Boosted Cars, spawn full! Regions Custom roles and jobs Donation Perks! JOIN OUR FAMILY! WE HAVE AN AMAZING ACTIVE COMMUNITY OF ROLE PLAYERS! WHEN YOU JOIN, PLEASE COME TO KOPA CASTLE TO GET YOUR GENEROUS WELCOME GIFT (ALL YOU CAN CARRY HIGH-TIERED LOOT!!!) SEE YOU SOON!!!
  25. PC | Lunchmeat | EU | 1PP | PVP | Code Lock | Trader | Cannabis Plus | discord.gg/qqvXbtshna Our main goal is to maintain a server that we our selves and our friends would enjoy to play on. We tried to keep the server as close as possible to Vanilla with some minor tweaks mentioned below and some mods that improve the experience and immersion. Server Information: Max Players: 20 IP: : 2302 Restarts: 9:00, 15:00, 21:00, 3:00 CET Mods - Luncmeat, Code Lock, Trader, Cannabis Plus, Flip Transport Playstyle - PVP, PVE Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lunchmeatdayz 1pp Discord : discord.gg/qqvXbtshna