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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there. In light of the new Seeker Raids that come after completing the plains biome with the Mistlands expansion I'm looking for a way to disable raids so that our bases don't get destroyed. I know the command Resetkeys can be used; however this command is only able to be used by the host. There is also a mod that disables raids. Is there a way to have the server input a command as the host on my behalf? If not, is there a way to install mods on the server? Thanks for your time, Skunk
  2. Nuketown DayZ | Playstation | Chenarus | PVE/PVP Balance | Trader Nuketown was started by a like-minded coalition of DayZ players who wanted to create something unique and fun amongst the many 100X LOOT and deathmatch servers on console. We are here to have fun in a shared experience with a Discord community. Nuketown strives to balance risk and reward Survival will be hard in Nuketown, but the more risks you are willing to take the higher the rewards. There is a large part of the map designated as the “Dark Zone” where PVP is allowed and other dangers exist. PVE players will be tempted to also visit the Dark Zone for its riches and surprises. We also feature: Fresh wipe on July 19 16 player slots, willing to expand as it’s needed Map: Chenarus Many risk/reward loot adjustments PVP and PVE (No KOS/raiding) areas Bi-weekly Purge (KOS and raiding allowed across the map) Day/night: 4 hours/30 minutes Unlimited sprinting Vehicles mostly complete Zombie hordes across the map Custom structures and Points of Interest to discover Factions Planned events In-house modding and content fully automated trader system Killfeed And more! Friendly, chill and active admins. Join our discord to get whitelisted and in on the action: https://discord.gg/BDaPmFm2am
  3. PvE server with PvP events hosted from discord. All players who join discord will receive a FREE flag to get your base started. Discord boasts a loot store where you can find an array of setups, we also have an automated points system so you can accumulate points from in game competitions, helping other players and much more, we understand that not everyone has that spare $$ to waste on in game transactions, so the points system allow you to redeem your desired items from your points rather than having to waste money. Great friendly support team wanting to build a great player community. Server search: A DASH Boost Loot - PvE Server w/ PvP Events Discord group: https://discord.gg/VwfpXFUsmT We hope to see you soon!!
  4. Hi I bought an eco server a day ago just to go straight to support as i could not join it as the connection timed out. Turns out the booting up was the issue and its fixed now. [I lost a day of play time because of this] Question is this: Any news on this control panel update/console for eco? As this is the only way to see when the server is fully booted up. I saw a few people asking about the same a year ago. And the support told me they would ask Ryan but i would like some type of answer for this as it has been some years now.
  5. Is there a way to get either dinos nest using INI or we completely out of luck. I created a support tickit and it feels like im talking to a robot
  6. If you would like to use the RCON to do any server wide commands you cant do ingame, download a free software called mcron which will help you do this, this is especially useful for initially enabling the OP permission for yourself the easy way. Download mcron HERE, extract that zip file into a folder on your computer and double click on the "launch" icon, A cmd window will open up where you can log in, your RCON Details are found on your server Control Panel page. In the command window, type your server IP address and press enter, then type your server port number and enter, lastly, type in your RCON password and press enter, and then you can start issuing any commands to the server. To give a player OP permission: op [player name]
  7. A couple of players built their bases and after a couple of days they decided to no longer play on the server. They possibly got a refund for the game. However, the bases are in the way for some players as they built too close prior to quitting. I have tried using admin commands such as cheat kill, destroymytarget, givetome, giveallstructure, etc and none of them worked. Wiping the map clean is not an option, nor is rewinding the server as I will have to go back to day 1. How can I go ahead and remove the unwanted structures from the map/server? Is there a different command for PixArk.