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Found 9 results

  1. I am trying to modify my Conan Exiles The Purge server settings (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge) however I was unable to locate these in Control Panel's Modify Server Configuration tools. The Conan Exiles The Purge server variables are detailed here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#Purge I clicked on the ServerSettings.ini button that opened a new browser tab with the text file contents but I was unable to edit this file, only view it. The Purge server variables: Enable Purge, Purge Level, Purges per day, etc were not defined in the ServerSettings.ini file at all. Please advise how I can modify The Purge Settings to avoid causing undesirable events starting that will negatively affect our Conan survival server. Best regards, Jason
  2. Hey, Currently can't seem to find a way to increase the Thrall Conversion Rate online. Does anyone know how I would go about doing that?
  3. Join us on a different conan exiles experience - more of the fun stuff and less of the grind. Dungeons will be coming up, treasure hunts, starter kits in every spawn, faster progress, active admin. Players with creative ideas are welcome to ask for materials to build them! This is the server IP: Server IP: (Jynx's Treasure Hunt)
  4. I have not modded conan before, but I did follow the instructions and have downloaded all the mods for the server. They are the only mods i have currently, but keep getting the folowing pending connection failure: Could not connect to server. Your modlist doesn't match the server modlist. Please enable only the following mods, in order: I have a feeling it is due to the Age of Calamitous being a large mod. I am fairly sure I need to load it through ftp but I can't seem to find where the mods are located on my files from steam to copy over. I would love some help. Thanks!
  5. Der neue alte Wasteland Server ist zurück Wipe 08.05. 2018Moin zusammen. Unser Server war zu Release der Alpha, der meist besuchteste Server der deutschen Region. Unser Server lief stabil, war nahezu zu jeder Tageszeit gut besucht. Nun nach so langer Zeit, dachten wir, holen wir den Server wieder aus dem Schrank. Wie der Phönix aus der Asche. Wir haben erhöhte Rates Wir mögen keine Avatare Sind zivilisiert, trotz PVP Wahrloses zerstören können die Ahnen nicht gut heißen Spaß haben wir bei Met und einem Spiel Wir versuchen den Server wieder zu dem zu machen, der er mal war. Die IP https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ TS: DC: https://discord.gg/8pUXaZG https://conan-exiles.com/server/34229/ Schaut vorbei, Teamspeak vorhanden. In dem Jeder Clan seinen eigenen Channel bekommen kann. Bis dahin Asenheil und Wanensegen Brüder
  6. New server started this week, currently have 7/30 players Netherworld: 3xXP - 5xHarvest - Fast Craft 30 Player max (for now) PvP The only rules are no building (in/near) caves/spawns/Cities/Religious teachers and no griefing Disabled Avatars (for now) No admin abuse (witnessed by current players of server) Recently created so very open world once population expands the server will be upgraded Come play and have fun! We also have a discord that we will give out once you join the server. ~Dood ~ThePrinnyLord
  7. Hi! So my server was working the past few days without any major problems. Today the server wont appear in the server browser, even though it says ready and I have restarted and validated several times. I have tried to reset to backups but that wont do it either. And it is not among invalid servers. GAME SERVER ID #34561
  8. Hello terribly sorry if I missed a thread on this. All I saw was control panel and was not sure if these would go there. I just had my server started up yesterday and noticed. I cannot change some things in the settings file. (these are found under ConanSandbox/Config and not the /saved. I think.) Item Spoilage rate. Hunger / Thirst multiplier (for both active and non) Offline Hunger/Thirst All of the durability settings (things break way to fast without it) Day Cycle Speed, Night and Day settings. Not fully sure how much of it has been taken out of the settings due to patches. Still see some of the things listed.
  9. Anyone else having an issue where when you place down a thrall the server crashes immediatly? After server restart Thrall is placed down on the ground