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Found 3 results

  1. Vanilla+ Vibes is an community created by 3. Here we aim to provide a mostly Vanilla and friendly experience for new and old players! It is important to us that we are fully transparent with our players! A few quality of life mods that just improve your experience: - Autorun! - Earplugs Mod - Unlimited Stamina - Map Mod - Party mod - Code lock Mod - Storage Mod Active admins Ticket support on discord We open a poll sometimes to get an impression what players want or don't want. -Server restarts Every 6 hours GMT 0000-0600-1200-1800 We hope to see you soon on our server! Address: discord invite: https://discord.gg/kUwd3DkRAm
  2. Hello there! My friend has created a new DayZ server using Survival Servers! We have some Mods on the server, just to make it more user friendly, as well to make it more fun for looting etc. I'll list some of the mods we're using here, and feel free to test the server out to check if its for your liking or not! We tend to try to keep it as "vanilla" as possible, but would love suggestions to improve our servers! List of mods: Breachingcharge Expansion Compatibility DayZ-Expansion-Vehicles DayZ-Expansion BuildAnywhere_v3 VPPNotifications ZomBerry Admin Tools Mass's Many Item Overhaul Code Lock Cl0ud's Military Gear Cl0ud's Military Gear Expansion Breachingcharge CF IP: or search for Drewscommunity.com! Discord Server - https://discord.gg/wcGkhB3vfJ Looking forward to see you on the server! May the best one survive!
  3. Hello Everyone! We've recently decided to start up a new, fresh, stable server. We are committed to seeing a stable community grow around TrueArk where people don't have to worry about Admin Abuse, the server going unpaid for months, or any of the miscellaneous and frustrating things that seem to accrue on many of the other Unofficial Servers. We've recruited stable Admins commited to scheduling weekly events and maintaining a consistent online presence to assist the playerbase. A few people have already agreed to join us and establish their home here but now we're coming to you to guys and inviting you to check us out, give us a chance to be your new and hopefully permanent ARK. We hope to see you guys around. First Method of connecting 1 - Right Click the Steam Icon on your Taskbar 2 - Select Servers 3 - Go to your Favorites Tab 4 - Click "Add a Server" 5 - Copy and paste the above Server IP into the pop up box ( 6 - Select Find Games At This Address, Add server to your favorites list. 7 - The server will be in your favorite tabs in the game now (might have to restart ARK) Second Method of connecting Follow this link to toparkservers https://toparkservers.com/server/ Click the IP address on the page to connect directly to the server. **What are the server's rates?** ⦁ Max Player Level = 94 ⦁ Max Wild Dino Level = 120 ⦁ 6x Taming ⦁ 4x Experience Gain ⦁ 4x Gathering Rate ⦁ 10x Incubation Speed (babies hatch faster) ⦁ 6x Maturation Speed (babies grow up faster) ⦁ Mating Cooldown reduced by 60% (parents can make babies more often) ⦁ Days last twice as long, Nights are half as long **What are the Misc Server Settings?** ⦁ Gamma Enabled ⦁ Crosshairs Disabled ⦁ Third Person Camera Enabled ⦁ No Gigas (this will be revisited upon the release of Titanosaur). **What Mods is the Server Running?** - Industrial Grinder - The Industrial Grinder is a super upgraded version of the Mortar And Pestle. You no longer need to slave away for days on end, just one of these bad boys can satisfy all your grinding needs! - Improved Balanced Stacks - - Stacks resources better and keeps inventory more organized! - Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2 - - You don't like ramps or you need stairs in your awesome building or rounded walls to your castle? Now you can build them. No more ramps! There aren't any current plans to add any other mods beyond these listed to help ensure server stability. We feel these mods fall into Quality of Life improvements that have a good chance of becoming a part of the standard game itself as the developers move past the Alpha stage into the Beta and Final Release stages. **What are the Server's Rules?** *PvP is allowed outside of bases any time. *Do not raid new tribes or people just starting out - It isn't a challenge for you, they wont have anything worth your time, and ultimately you might potentially drive away someone who might've made us their new home. If a tribe stays in wood to try to abuse this rule feel free to screenshot or document the length of time they have been hiding behind this rule and then proceed to raid them at your leisure, make sure you cover your ♥♥♥ if it becomes an Admin issue. *Passive Dino Killing is allowed - It's impossible for admins to know if a dino was actually passive or set to passive to bait an admin response. The game gives you ways to protect your Dinosaurs, make sure you use them. This doesn't mean the community won't retaliate against a tribe who refers to this rule when engaging in what the community percieves to be griefing, killing passive dinos for no strategic or tactical reasons might bring you unwanted attention and retaliation. *Offline Raiding is allowed - Again the game gives you ways to protect your base while you're offline, make use of them. *When you raid a base, you may not raid them again for 3 days time, this is to ensure that a tribe doesn't feel they have no way to rebuild and choose to leave for a different Ark. If you raid them again and they screenshot/fraps your attack this will be considered griefing. *Auto Turrets are allowed on Platforms *You may only build in underwater caves - No building in or blocking access to Artifact/Loot caves, no building of any kind to block resource node spawns. Avoid building on mountain tops or near caves, these type of structures may be destroyed at Admin discretion if they are found to be blocking either of the above *No Building in any of the Obelisk areas Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!