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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, recent customer here. I opened a ticket was told they would research it and get back to me, so I figured I'd go to the community. I couldn't find a post on this problem so forgive me if I'm double posting. I have prevention enabled for dinos on upload and download (see picture) and also "No Transfer From Filtering" checked in the advanced settings on both of my servers (in cluster). For some reason people are still able to upload their dinos from cluster servers but not download them, causing the dinos to be lost in the ether and causing more custodial problems than I would like for my admins to keep the experience smooth for players. So my question is -- is this a known bug unsolvable bug, a bug with a fix or am I experiencing something unique? Someone had complained it was broken, so I made sure my settings were correct--they were--and then an admin tried to do it themselves with the same issue. Downloaded just fine, can't upload. To be clear I want to prevent the download altogether. I DO NOT want dino transfer, only of eggs. Any help is appreciated, thanks all. My Best. (My ticket is 314634 if a CSR sees this.) EDIT: I meant upload. I ironically I said "to be clear" and used the wrong word. I want to prevent UPLOAD of dinos altogether from my servers. Download is already being prevented as it should be.