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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone, I need some help with a server. My friend and I have been trying to get the SE server he purchased to have wild dinos with a max level of 150 and to that effect I have read 10 pages worth of proffered solutions that don't seem to be working for us. Can someone help by giving a step by step of how we are supposed to follow these instructions to create the desired effect? I have found several answers by Rawblin and I must be messing up the steps he posted because It still isn't working for our server. "First, make sure you have [server Settings] in your GameUserSettings.ini file. Then underneath that either create or change DifficultyOffset=1.000000 to 5.000000 or whatever you wish. Then underneath that either create or change OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 or whatever you wish. Save the .ini, send it to the server via FTP, then restart the server. Once the server is running again, you can either wait for dinos to be killed and the new spawns will be the proper level variance, or you can wipe all dinos on the server (which usually crashes mine so be prepared) with "admincheat destroywilddinos", no quotes, in the console." So here are my questions. 1) Is the GameUserSetting.ini file the text file in my files? (If so we do have that there) 2) What is FTP? We have tried a lot of things and when we wipe dinos we still get lowbies. We found the FTP and the GameUserSetting.ini but when we add the Override line it does not show up in the .ini (and we have edited it with the parameters already on the .ini Thanks for your help Cthaeh