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Found 3 results

  1. Just attempted to purchase a server though this site, only to have it never appear in my server control panel list despite being paid for. How can I either make it appear or get a refund for the money I was just charged? Account email is [email protected], with displayname RyanD
  2. So. I Got myself a 20 slot ark server just about a week ago. GAME SERVER ID #33068. We have been getting lag from the day I got it and it was after you launched the conan exiles server. So I am suspecting that was the reason for it. Now I've been having nothing but misery the last couple of days. Server constantly going down when im not on and I was even scared to take it up. and that isn't something I wanted to do since I have 10+ people on the server. So now I need a reason to stay. And i'm hoping that with my next few questions you could give me just that so moving on. First question= Does buying more slots give your more ram cause right now the server is lagging. The longer it stays on the more it lags. Rubber banding every few seconds. This started after you guys got the Conan Exiles server working and the constant crashes stopped. before that we had maybe a lag spike every like hour. And we have less mods now than what we had then. So I'm wondering if it is because people have gotten their servers up and going again. Second question= Never mind Just saw your Post about it Sorry about that Third question= Are you guys going to fix your control panel. It is aggravating to use. Mod id's Literally gets me on edge. Having to constantly scroll throught them is a pain in the but and its really odd to use as it moves all over the place when trying to select an ID for removal. As well as the fact that when I am done removing the mod ID's I would like to save my settings without having to start up the server. Having to wait 20 minutes before taking it down. Because I have more settings to fix is kinda annoying. That was about the questions I have. P.S Sorry about the bad Grammar. -Morten Andre Olsen (AKA Demakrow)
  3. TheEvilFrank (TheCenterMap Creator) has stated that when TheCenter becomes official tomorrow that the mod will be taken down from the Workshop. How is this going to effect our servers? In addition will "TheCenter" become an option for maps in our game control panel? Need to know this ASAP as the mod goes down in less then 12 hours. I would prefer to not have to have my server go down if at all possible. You can see it here http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/614734500/357285562487590629/