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  1. Hi, Actually I'm planning two things: Increase difficulty to 5.0 (like official servers) Add a cluster to my SE server with The Island, in order to use obelisks for transfers. So, for first point I've seen that it is necessary to set map as 'custom' in order to use the launch parameter 'OverrideOfficialDificulty=5.0'. But in the other hand, I've read in that post: https://www.survivalservers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3483-faq-cross-transfer-between-ark-servers-with-our-new-cluster-addon/ that is not possible to have a cluster with a 'custom' map. I'm right? What can I do? Is the only way use a 'Difficult 6' or similar mod? Thank you in advance. Best regards, cerveser
  2. My question is if anyone else is facing this issue after new "cluster" add on option was added? The problem is before SS implemented this feature you could say run single player upload dinos/player to OB there then proceed to log in to your SS server or anyone else's for that matter that you play on and download those dinos/player. Also you could do so from one SS server to another. This also includes the new Scorched Earth content because it was tested the day before feature was made live by various users. Another thing that was noticed any dino uploaded to SS server now has a 6-7 hour timer on them. I do have a ticket in to ask support to look into this but was wondering if anyone else that host a SS non-clustered server is having this issue besides the SE server I play on and the SS server that I admin. Thank you