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  1. im checking my rpt files with the support so i will get back with u if that works
  2. well my dayz launcher doesnt work i would be using that maybe you could help me you better than the friggin support. okay here is the error . z/addons/dayz_code,/configs/cfgworlds/intro.dayzmod/mission.sqm/intro/groups/item16/vehicles/item0.vehicles:vehicle class uh1 wreck_dz no longer exists....
  3. i don't want to put any games on my os drive all i am asking is when you click settings and click on file path settings it wants a file path to my ssd drive [D] i don't know how to type it in shouldn't survival launcher let me do that without moving my games? i just don't want to do that it messes up my system of orginization that i spent a good bit of time doing is there any other way?
  4. and wy cant i just lead it to my common on my ssd? does it matter that much?
  5. and i have a steam folder but the only thing thats on there is civ 5 demo
  6. i have 2 drives my os which i keep mostly empty so my pc runs a bit better and is uncluutered with mods and i added a ssd drive so i put all my games there and i dont know how to write a path to my drive to my common folder and i dont want to redownload to my os drive so yeah this is what i have i looked up how to do and i thinks its different this is how i wrote the path D:\Steam Games DOWNLOAD HERE/steamapps/common is that wrong or what?
  7. okay so let me clear this up how do i set up my common path so i can download my mods to my Arma 2 OA folder
  8. yea just got this to try it out and i dont have my steam games downloaded to my C: drive and it wont let me change it so can someone help me? thanks- jagermiester