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  1. System: Playstation Location: USA Map: Chernarus Discord: https://discord.gg/RZzY4FhH The server rules are subject to change. The current rules are as follows: 1. Base raiding is allowed. You are not allowed to take over a base. Raid it and then leave. Do not put your own lock on or change the code to a base that doesn't belong to you. Do not log out inside any base that doesn't belong to you. Anyone who violates this rule, will be banned. 2. There are 5 small castle bases in the map. These are first come, first serve. If there is not gate and lock, then it's considered available. 3. If you wish to have a structure and/or building spawned in custom for your base, direct message Admin and send the request. You'll need to be as detailed as possible as to what you're wanting, where you're wanting it and how it's to be oriented. There is no guarantee that your request will be approved. 4. Make sure your gamer name and discord name match. 5. Do not build bases in any military base. If you're aren't sure if it's allowed, message Admin and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.