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How to Create a Palworld Server Guide

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Creating a Palworld game server is an easy process that can be done from either a dedicated server or your home computer. Alternatively, you can choose a Palworld server host that will fit your needs.

Option #1: Renting a Palworld server (see example control panel below!)

Control panel.gif

Option #2: Creating an Palworld Server From Your Home Computer or Dedicated Server

Server Requirements

Windows 10/11, Server 2016/2019/2022 & 64-Bit

Quad Core processor (requires up to 2 full cores)

Up to 4GB memory (currently uses around 1GB memory)

12GB disk space (install folder)

Step 1: Fetching Game Server files

The best method to get dedicated server game files is via the dedicated server depot on Steam via SteamCMD.

  1. Create a folder where you wish to store your Palworld game server hosting files
  2. Inside of the folder, place the newly downloading SteamCMD.exe file
  3. Create a batch file named SteamCMD.bat
  4. Place the following code in this batch file:
@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login USER PASS +force_install_dir "C:\Some\Path\Where\You\Want\Game\Server\Files\To\Go" +app_update 2394010 validate +quit
  1. Right-click SteamCMD.bat and Run as Administrator
  2. Your game server files should be completely downloaded by now

Step 2: Setting up a Palworld Dedicated Server

  1. Create a batch file named PalworldServer.bat in your newly created Palworld server folder from step 1
  2. Place the following code in this batch file:
start PalServer.exe -ServerName="My Server Title" -port=12345 -players=32 -log -nosteam

Step 3: Configuring your Palworld Server

Now comes the fun part, setting up your Palworld game server to your liking. There are some launch parameters to be aware of.

-log - Enables logging

There are also a few files that can be configured.

DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini - modifies the server configuration

; This configuration file is a sample of the default server settings.
; Changes to this file will NOT be reflected on the server.
; To change the server settings, modify Pal/Saved/Config/WindowsServer/PalWorldSettings.ini.
OptionSettings=(Difficulty=None,DayTimeSpeedRate=1.000000,NightTimeSpeedRate=1.000000,ExpRate=1.000000,PalCaptureRate=1.000000,PalSpawnNumRate=1.000000,PalDamageRateAttack=1.000000,PalDamageRateDefense=1.000000,PlayerDamageRateAttack=1.000000,PlayerDamageRateDefense=1.000000,PlayerStomachDecreaceRate=1.000000,PlayerStaminaDecreaceRate=1.000000,PlayerAutoHPRegeneRate=1.000000,PlayerAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep=1.000000,PalStomachDecreaceRate=1.000000,PalStaminaDecreaceRate=1.000000,PalAutoHPRegeneRate=1.000000,PalAutoHpRegeneRateInSleep=1.000000,BuildObjectDamageRate=1.000000,BuildObjectDeteriorationDamageRate=1.000000,CollectionDropRate=1.000000,CollectionObjectHpRate=1.000000,CollectionObjectRespawnSpeedRate=1.000000,EnemyDropItemRate=1.000000,DeathPenalty=All,bEnablePlayerToPlayerDamage=False,bEnableFriendlyFire=False,bEnableInvaderEnemy=True,bActiveUNKO=False,bEnableAimAssistPad=True,bEnableAimAssistKeyboard=False,DropItemMaxNum=3000,DropItemMaxNum_UNKO=100,BaseCampMaxNum=128,BaseCampWorkerMaxNum=15,DropItemAliveMaxHours=1.000000,bAutoResetGuildNoOnlinePlayers=False,AutoResetGuildTimeNoOnlinePlayers=72.000000,GuildPlayerMaxNum=20,PalEggDefaultHatchingTime=72.000000,WorkSpeedRate=1.000000,bIsMultiplay=False,bIsPvP=False,bCanPickupOtherGuildDeathPenaltyDrop=False,bEnableNonLoginPenalty=True,bEnableFastTravel=True,bIsStartLocationSelectByMap=True,bExistPlayerAfterLogout=False,bEnableDefenseOtherGuildPlayer=False,CoopPlayerMaxNum=4,ServerPlayerMaxNum=32,ServerName="Default Palworld Server",ServerDescription="",AdminPassword="",ServerPassword="",PublicPort=8211,PublicIP="",RCONEnabled=False,RCONPort=25575,Region="",bUseAuth=True,BanListURL="")

Make sure to modify the following in order to get your game server to work:

name - Changes the host name of your game server
password - Enables a password to join
saveDirectory - Changes the location of the save directory
logDirectory - Changes the location of the log directory
ip - Set to the home IP, you can find your home ip here:
gamePort - No need to change
queryPort - No need to change
slotCount - Changes the max allowable number of players (max is 16)

Step 3: Port Forwarding

Add an incoming rule to your Windows Firewall to allow TCP/UDP port (game port) 15636, (Steam query port) 15637 (or whichever ports you decide to use)

You may additionally need to add a forwarding rule to your network router. You can use to read how to do this.

Location of World Save Data

To locate your save folder, navigate to this folder:


There will be two files, back them up both in order to make a backup.

Additional Resources and Reading

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