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FTP Connection Guide?


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Hello, I am trying to use Filezilla to connect to my server to modify the server config which I'm assuming is where I can change server save times etc. I input all the information that is on my panel correctly and get 530 not logged in could not connect to server in Filezilla. If i try to click the server config in my panel and input the username and password given for FTP on my panel that does not work either. 


I'm fairly new to setting up my own server with all of this and am looking to modify the server save times and to have the ability to ban people etc. Is there any guides accessible for help with this, I have created a support ticket and searched through these forums for RoK and Heat and am striking out,


Thank you!

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If you are using your Game Server FTP credentials and it doesn't connect you need to fill out a ticket.- 


Gety your server info from your sspanel 

FTP Details

Port: 21
User: ssblahblahblah
Pass: yourpassword


Open FileZilla ,click on File in upper left corner, then SiteManager , NewSite , Name It , Put your IP from above in the Host Box , Use drop down box on logon Type , Choose Normal , Then add your UserName and Password , Click OK. Navigate to ServerSettings.cfg ,right click Edit , Make changes ,Click save.Popup box should appear asking if you want to save to server.---If you can't connect then submit a ticket


Alternatively you could just use SurvivalServers's  Restart Interval in the SSPanel , Drop down box has many times to choose from 2,4,6,8,12,24 hrs or custom.

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