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Heated Server

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The "Heated" Server will be a unofficial server that will revolve around controlled pvp and pve. 

During the week it will be player vs. player but no base killing.

During the weekend it is full pvp and raiding and destruction will be allowed.



1. No relentless attacking or camping if you die to him 3 times just give up!


2. The use or distribution  of Glitched or Duped items will be an immediate BAN.


3. The Admins are the Main Rules enforcers on the server. What they Say goes!


4. NO Ethnic, Religious, or gender, Racism. Racism of any sort will be an offence!


5. Server downtime will be noted by the server and the admins.If you don't log off and lose items that is not our problem.


6. Don’t accuse another player of Greifing, Abuse or Hacking unless you have proof (Fraps recording, screenshots are acceptable methods). If you implicate another player or PM the admin but don’t have any proof to back up your claim, we can’t help you.


7.Impersonating any Admins, the SERVER CONSOLE, or other players names is an immediate Bannable offence. As is passing yourself off as an admin generally.


8. Advertising other servers will not be tolerated. This is a Bannable offence.\


9. There will be Streamers/ content creators on this server. Do not stream snipe or troll them on live streams!


Most important rule Don't be a Dick.


Offences Rules.


First offence= Warning/1 hour ban


second offence=1 day -2 day ban


Third offence= Eternal ban/ Blacklisted


Hacking/Duping= Blacklist and ban and report to steam.


All offences can be adjusted due to what you did. just because it is your first incident you may get a third Offence for the severity of the offence.



Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YXtEhfx

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