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Ryan Pennington

READ FIRST!! Frequent Battalion 1944 questions, common issues

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Here's a summary and list of the most frequent issues and support ticket questions.
READ FIRST! Quick fix check list:

  • You must use the in-game server browser to find your server. The Steam server list does not work at the moment.
  • All configuration must be done through the FTP using the DefaultGame.ini file. Lrn2FTP guide
  • Is there RCON? Not at this time.

Server won't start, I click Start and it does nothing
Please submit a support ticket.


I am missing files from a new installation, how do I get the game files?
Run an Update to see if that fixes the issue.
Seeing a white screen or 500 Internal Server Error?
This one must be handled via support ticket. We apologize for any inconvenience here. We will get you fixed up as fast as we can and credit you for downtime.

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