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Unofficial305 - Constantine - Las Vegas (Official Clone)


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Unofficial305 - Constantine - Las Vegas (Official Clone)

1x Tame, 1xXP, Its Ark the way it was meant to be played, minus the BS

Brand new server with tons of fresh land to build on, caves to explore, and Dinos to tame / kill, and No Resource Hording!

Administered 24/7, North America Hosted in Los Angeles

[Con]stantine is a new Ark Server run by mature and responsible adults. This server is based on the Official servers and is set up with the same configuration. We started our server with the priority of having fun in a good environment that is hacker / cheater free. The server is run by a husband and wife couple in their 30s who game for a living. We welcome players of all ages as long as you are mature. We do not tolerate griefing, cheating, or hacking.


Fast 24/7 Dedicated Connection 

Mature and Friendly Environment 

Teamspeak w/ Free Channels For Every Tribe 

Voice Chat enabled for Local Only 

Global, Local and Tribe Chat 

Rare Spawn Custom Color / Spec Dinos (Manually added by admins - No Scripts) 

Weekly "Serverwide Events" to win special items(Hide & Seek, Cave Runs, Treasure Hunts) 

PVPVE - NONHardcore 

Friendly and Experienced Administration

Give us a shot! 


or search unofficial servers for Unofficial305 or [Con]

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