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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone - Just wanted to post my basic coop server setup. **DISCLAIMER** I am not an expert but if you are and see I'm doing something wrong please let me know. My current server is running ONLY Checkpoint missions on COOP, with an increased number of bots. This can all be changed by adjusting the values below. Inside the server you will need to find the Game.ini file which is located here /Insurgency/Saved/Config/WindowsServer This file as of now is blank (assuming you've never entered anything in) so you need to build in the perimeters. This is what I have in mine: *I'm still testing and these may need to be altered for preference* [Rcon]bEnabled=TruePassword=ListenPort=27015 [/script/Insurgency.INSGameMode]bKillFeed=TruebKillFeedSpectator=TruebKillerInfo=TruebKillerInfoRevealDistance=TrueTeamKillLimit=3TeamKillGrace=0TeamKillReduceTime=0bDeadSay=TruebDeadSayTeam=TruebVoiceAllowDeadChat=TruebVoiceEnemyHearsLocal=TruebCounterAttackReinforce=1 [/script/insurgency.INSGameInstance]MapCycle=MapCycle.txt [/script/Insurgency.INSCheckpointGameMode]ObjectiveCaptureTime=60ObjectiveResetTime=-1ObjectiveSpeedup=0.5ObjectiveMaxSpeedupPlayers=2DefendTimer=90DefendTimerFinal=180RetreatTimer=10RespawnDPR=0.1RespawnDelay=20PostCaptureRushTimer=30CounterAttackRespawnDPR=0.2CounterAttackRespawnDelay=20ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawnMultiplierMin=1ObjectiveTotalEnemyRespawnMultiplierMax=2FinalCacheBotQuotaMultiplier=1.5 [/script/Insurgency.INSCoopMode]bUseVehicleInsertion=TrueFriendlyBotQuota=7MinimumEnemies=6MaximumEnemies=26 [/script/Insurgency.INSMultiplayerMode]RoundLimit=5WinLimit=3MinimumPlayers=1InitialSupply=35MaximumSupply=35 To make a custom map cycle and add admins you will need to locate /Insurgency/Config/Server within your game server (different location than the ini files). In this folder you will see Admins.txt file which will update once you enter in your admins via the SS control panel. (Admins have in-game access to a menu where you can change map, scenario, kick/ban, and many other admin related things) In addition to the Admins.txt you will need to create a new file called "Mapcycle.txt" This "Mapcycle.txt" is where you will copy and paste the maps in which you would like cycled on your server. I want ONLY checkpoint maps so inside my file it looks like this: Scenario_Crossing_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Precinct_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Refinery_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Summit_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Hideout_Checkpoint_Security Scenario_Crossing_Checkpoint_Insurgents Scenario_Precinct_Checkpoint_Insurgents Scenario_Refinery_Checkpoint_Insurgents Scenario_Farmhouse_Checkpoint_Insurgents Scenario_Summit_Checkpoint_Insurgents Scenario_Hideout_Checkpoint_Insurgents The maps will not cycle unless you specifically add the line below to the INI files. [/script/insurgency.INSGameInstance] MapCycle=MapCycle.txt I am pretty sure everything is working as I intend it to and hopefully this helps. Check out this link below for clarification and more information. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GDLg5p9jjeIya7EgBk0ibzDtDlyQ-U_jpspOzby-JmM/edit#heading=h.b89khuqky9md