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Found 2 results

  1. Server Name = Motion Blur Frozen Flame (STEAM PC) Play-Private Server-ADD-IP Address = Connect = NO PASSWORD NEEDED CREATED 2/12/2023 3:00PM EASTERN US TIMEZONE ONLINE + SPECIAL BOOST and NO LIMIT SETTINGS... trying to see if they working now but server is ONLINE I Will write a Steam review in Frozen Flame with this Information and have comments on for help or feedback! HAVE FUN + WELCOME to MOTION BLUR + RESPECT EVERYONE PLEASE and THANKYOU
  2. Hello all, Me and two friends have started our own server, and are looking for people to bring it to life, We're pretty laid back and casual Ark players Who enjoy the game for what it is, and where it's going. We don't tolerate people being Abusive or Griefing and wont hesitate to ban you for it. - Why host a server? We invested alot of time on other servers, Official and Unofficial alike, Built a small base nothing imtimidating, tamed a few small dinos for harvesting, Trading Said dinos/Supplies with other tribes. Only to have each base and Dino survive a week tops.Because "End game players" would come along and just destroy everything regardless of how much you have. And We don't Approve of that type of behavior. On Some Servers they'd go as far as to Say "No one's allowed to Tame a Spino, Carno, Sabertooth!" If you did they'd destroy your base. -Thats part of the game tho. Yes. It is, one tribe taking on the world, winning, and thus controling the lesser tribes. I get that, I understand that, if that's how you like your Ark Survival Experience to play out, by all means. But that wont be the case for this server. -How active are you? Two of us are on almost daily, I myself am on after work. Topaz is usually off and on most of the day. Arch is on when he's able, As he travels for work. -Are your Admins Abusive? Negative. We are not, Nor do we plan on it. As i stated above we enjoy the game for what it is. We're normal players just like you on our server. The only time the admin powers come out, is when Someone needs to be SMITED. ( Banned/Kicked ) or a Problem arises and someone needs help. ( Trapped/Stuck Bug ect ) -Can we invite friends/family? Sure! As long as they follow the simple Rules, Be Respectful, No Griefing ( Killing people/dinos for No reason or buildings ) -What if i don't/Can't play often, will you destroy my base/kill my dinos? No! As long as you're reasonably active we won't touch your buildings or dinos (Although you shouldn't leave them alone too long! They'll Starve! ) However if you're gone for extended Periods of time ( weeks/months ) and we have no way of knowing what's up. Yes We'll remove your buildings and free your dinos. To allow other players a chance to build there. If you have any questions, Feel Free to message me on here, Post on the thread, or Add me on Steam Emo_Cloud and Shoot me a message! See you in the Jungles Fellow Survivors!