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Found 6 results

  1. I just gotten a Pixark server today but I seem to be having issues regarding world gen. (Or at least that's what I think it is.) So basically like in the screencap, not only did it take ages on the loading screen (approx 10 mins), it loaded me into a map that has no land and just sky. My character was not able to move. I even tried ESC and then going into revive to kill the character to get a different spawn point but it was of no help. I logged out and tried playing on a single player game and the world just loaded fine. I even tried another seed for this but same problem as well, so wondering if I'm possibly missing anything out? I didn't touch anything during the initial set up, just launch game. Unless there was something else I was supposed to do, please advice. I sent in a support ticket earlier as well to hopefully have the issue addressed sooner. Thanks!
  2. Oblivion [PvP] [PL300] [3xALL] [24HRESTARTS] [ACTIVE ADMINS] [DISCORD] (PVP) - Server is pretty much Open PVP, Dueling and Base Raids. (PL300) - Modded player levels currently up to "300". (Subject to Change), I believe this allows players to customize their characters in their own unique way so not all players will have the basic cookie cutter stats that official servers limit you to. (3xALL) - 3 times more XP/Resources (24HRESTARTS) - We're currently on a 24 hour restart schedule, I believe daily restarts are essential to a better performing server. (ACTIVE ADMINS) - Admins are generally online consistantly and are willing to help players in a reasonable manner. (DISCORD) Server is open to Oblivion users @ https://discord.gg/A2b7Xsd (Speak to an Admin if you're interested in having a private tribe channel on our discord) Hope to see you on the server -Omega
  3. 1.its possible to add points into speed on the player and the animals? 2.i want to make the leveling up really smooth Because it take a lot of time leveling up? 3.last question i did every thing possible to make my server a pvp and it did not work with me?
  4. A couple of players built their bases and after a couple of days they decided to no longer play on the server. They possibly got a refund for the game. However, the bases are in the way for some players as they built too close prior to quitting. I have tried using admin commands such as cheat kill, destroymytarget, givetome, giveallstructure, etc and none of them worked. Wiping the map clean is not an option, nor is rewinding the server as I will have to go back to day 1. How can I go ahead and remove the unwanted structures from the map/server? Is there a different command for PixArk.
  5. Hi, I am playing with game with a few friends on my server that I purchased through here. When going through a guide on how to start your own server the poster mentioned a command so make players always show up on maps. (Command: ?ShowMapPlayerLocation=True) But he says to but in in a launch.bat. Which i know the server does not use. What file would i put the ShowMapPlayLocation command in to make it work in my server? Was thinking it GameUserSettings.ini ,but I wanted to be sure before messing with stuff.
  6. Hello, I recall there was a way in Ark servers where you would drop your steam ID into a notepad text document and upload it into the server so you didn't have to use the admin password every time you went into admin mode. Can it be done in PixArk as well? If yes, please remind me how again?