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Found 5 results

  1. (Whitelist, 18+, Mods) Hello everyone, my names Bruno Me and a friend coming at you with a pretty fun 'NEW' Ark RP server (Lost Island Map)!! It's going to be epic! We're also recruiting! If anyone loves to have a great time with an amazing group of people (Non drama, I may add) we are the group for you! If you are interested in join us or just take a look at the season idea, just send me a message or join our discord!! I Hope to hear from you all soon!!! Discord- https://discord.gg/c42teJubj6 Season 1: The world as you know it has shattered, weird and unearthly events started to unfold. Thousands of people started magically disappearing without a trace. The missing people stared to awake to find themselves in a unexplainable primeval land, a land where creatures they thought to be extinct now roamed before them. You must learn to understand the terrain, natural resources, as well as how to domesticate the local creatures and build a home. Will you choose to work together? Or walk the path alone
  2. Looking For a fun Xbox server? Look no further! “7x Loot”Community Server is thriving and growing everyday! Active Factions/PvP/High Loot! Out of the 8 available armband colors for factions we have 4 colors taken “Blue, White, Pink and Black” Will you be the next leader to pick up one of the remaining colors and start your own faction to lead your group to thrive? Maybe you will forge an alliance with a fellow faction? Or declare War and try to raid everything another faction has? This server has so much to offer includingboosted loot, active factions, fun discord community, only a few spawning points to easily group up with your friends, and in game the community is awesome! If you like what your reading and want to know more, please feel free to join the server Discord and REMEMBER! check the #Rules channel first when you join before you do anything! click the green check mark after fully reading server rules to gain full access to the discord channels and lastly, We hope to see you out there survivor! https://discord.com/invite/8bWTf8Yc
  3. Who are we? Undead Society RP, also known as USRP, was started by 2 survival game roleplay veterans from multiple different communities. Started in Early 2020, USRP aims to become the biggest DeadMatter RP Community out there with Active admins/Mods and servers free of toxic players. We aim to create a place that Roleplayers can call home. We are a fun and friendly community. We are focused on equality through all of our members in terms of respect towards each other as well as hearing out everyone's opinions. We treat each person equally and fairly in our community to ensure that members recieve the up most care from our Staff teams. Our server is up at all times every day of the week at every hour. We are consistently updating the server and the website to ensure the roleplay experience is always professional,realistic,and extremely fun. We offer many opportunities to grow and build the community with us. We are happy to see new members in our community, so please take the time to fill out our whitelisted application to get the most out of our community. We are ready to respond to your application quickly to minimize the wait time to join the server. We use discord as our current communication for RP and quick information, as well as our website for consistant updates make sure to check both our website and our discord. We hope to see you apart of our awesome community very soon! We are actively recruiting new Developers and Mods if you want to join our team please go to our website below and go over to the Forms tab and fill out our staff form. https://undeadsocietyrp.com/ :Website https://discord.gg/jMRMgyu :Discord
  4. WE WANT YOU!! New Age Survivors RP Whitelisted Community Applications are now open! === NEW AGE SURVIVORS RP === --Dead Matter (voice) RP Server -- Our goal is to become the Premier Voice RP Server in the Dead Matter Community. The Admins have a vast experience running voice RP servers (H1Z1 JS, Conan Exiles, and more) and are skilled at handling the uniqueness of such a server. We understand the importance of our Administrators being (pro)active insuring that all are following the server rules and are not afraid to hold rule violators accountable (in a fair and mature manner). Members will be vetted to ensure that all have the best RP experience possible. We are an established RP community that is willing to help RPers of all skill levels. Many of our members have been RPing together for several years and are skilled at not only developing our own story lines but helping others establish theirs as well. Join us now and be part of the process of establishing server rules and regulations. Server info: 30 slot server to start and more available when needed Admins are quick to respond Whitelisted 24/7 server No KOS allowed Community Events Mods will be incorporated when they become available Join our Website!! https://newagesurvivorsrp.enjin.com Join our discord!! https://discord.gg/y6P6sYM
  5. DEAD ARK RP - PVP - PVE Brand new fresh map opening up right now! A role playing and pvp based server, with a lot of fun to be had! We will hold raid events set up by the admins, with prizes for succeeding, and hide loot and unclaimed dinosaurs all over the map to keep the fun going! We have no rules against PvP involved scenarios. PvP is part of the game! Kill or be Killed! No Dinosaur restrictions, if you get a Gigantosaurus, lucky you. You get to keep it on this server. I'll be spawning random ones from time to time for people to find, along with other dinosaurs. Server details are below! Please come join! First 5 get a free gun of choice, and 200 ammo! I have installed some additional mods to help keep the immersion up, and to just to make building and crafting fun for players again. Mod List: Industrial Grinder Spotlights High Powered Lights with Multiple Angles No Collision Check More Crafting Stairs with rounded walls Improved Balanced Stacks The Rules are as followed 1. No Immature banter in the chat, we can all act like mature people. 2. No Whining in the chat about getting raided, it's part of the game. 3. Obviously no cheating or hacking. 4. Have fun Go to Ark, Servers, Favorites and in the bottom of the screen put this IP ADRESS: Also feel free to add me and join directly or if you use survival launcher, the same IP works and the Server name as well! contact me through steam or at [email protected] via skype or google