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#9245 LRN2FTP (Beginner's Guide To FTP)

Posted by Tetricide on 11 June 2015 - 09:29 AM

FTP - File Transfer Protocol, a way to transfer files from you computer to a server (in this case your ARK server) and vice versa.  There are a lot of FTP programs out there, but I'll be doing a step-by-step on how to Quickconnect through a free and open source program called FileZilla.
Download.  Install.  Connect.
1.)  First things first!  Download the FileZilla client (<--click) for your system and install it.
2.)  Run FileZilla.  The first thing you might see is blanks for Host, Username, and Password.  Log into your Survival Servers control panel if you aren't already.  You'll need to plug in the information from "FTP Details."
3.)  Plug in the IP where it says "Host:", your FTP username for "Username:", and password in "Password:".  You can leave "Port:" blank since 21 is already recognized as the default.  However, you can still put the number in there if you want...it won't hurt anything.  Click Quickconnect!
4.)  If you have successfully connected to your server, you'll get a message in the Status box reading "Directory listing of '/' successful."  If you have any errors, fix where the error is (bad IP, username, or password).  It's recommended NOT to copy and paste any information (especially passwords!) since you can accidentally copy spaces and spaces are evil. If you're still getting errors, I'd put in a ticket to see what's going on.  Any time you want to connect to your server after this session, you can just click on the down arrow next to 'Quickconnect' and there's an option for your server so you don't have to re-fill all this information again.


Destination Setup. Transferring Files.  Remote File Editing.
1.)  In the middle of the application you should see two split windows.  One says "Local site:".  This is your own PC directory, which you can browse through just like Windows Explorer.  The other says "Remote site:".  This is your ARK server, which you can also browse through.  If you need to get into a folder, just click the "+" plus sign next to it or double-click the name of the folder.  If the folder has a "?" question mark on it, your PC just doesn't know what's inside.  Just clicking on a folder once will reveal its contents in the "Filename" directory box below it.
2.)  If you need to transfer files from your PC to the server, you first need to ensure the Remote Site destination is set first.  For example, if I need to upload a local file into the Maps folder under /ShooterGame/Content/, I should have it set like this:
3.) Likewise, if I need to transfer a file from the server to my PC, I need to ensure the Local Site destination is set.  For example, if I'm going to download a server file to my ARK folder on my desktop it needs to look like this:
4.)  As long as the destination of where you need the file to go is set up correctly, you won't run into any problems.  If it's not properly setup, you will accidentally upload/download files to the wrong place.  Let's say I need to upload my local copy of "ShooterEntry.umap" into the Maps folder and have my remote site setup.  I need to find the file under Local Site, right-click it and select "Upload."  You should see the file pop up under the Transfer Queue, which is that giant blank space, and start uploading from your PC to the actual server.
5.) If you're transferring a file to a directory that has the same file name, it will pop up a big prompt of what you want to do about the situation.  Usually, you just want to OVERWRITE the file.  So make sure that option is selected and click "OK."
6.) Lastly, we'll briefly go over how to modify files from your server!  I wouldn't really recommend doing this unless you absolutely know what you're doing, especially since this game is brand new and early access. Find the file you need to modify in the server by browsing in the Remote Site, right-click on it, and select "View/Edit."  This will open the file in the default program you selected, usually Notepad (or Notepad++ if you deal with code or just prefer it).
7.)  After you're done with the file REMEMBER TO SAVE IT!  From here, you can close out the file and you'll get a prompt that the file has changed.  Always check mark the option to "Finish editing and delete local file" and click "Yes" because it will upload the saved changes automatically to the server.
...And that's it!  Now you know some of the basics of FTP.  Any changes or any files added to the server, you have to restart the server in order for the changes/new files to take effect. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Either I or someone with better knowledge will help you.  Please let me know if the guide helped at all, I'd appreciate the feedback!   :wink: 
Troubleshooting -
Constant connection timeouts:
Edit -> Settings -> Timeout in seconds -> Change this value to something higher

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#8530 ARK: Survival Evolved Patch Notes [v231.6]

Posted by Cameron on 04 June 2015 - 08:37 AM

Patch Notes:

All official ARK patch notes will be updated here, please subscribe to this thread for email or forum notifications on hotfixes/patches from the ARK Development team.

You can see the official patch notes here: http://steamcommunit...20656447032287/

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#23034 Beyond the joke now

Posted by Burningcoals on 07 February 2017 - 02:33 PM

Some people drink the coolaid that others try and sell them.


I have several Conan dedicated servers. One of them was hosted by Survival Servers. This server has been up for 6 hours stable during the last 4 days.


My other servers hosted by other companies which I will not name here, are perfect. Do not crash, have no issues, no CPU spikes. I also have tools that monitor CPU activity for my other servers and I really do not see anything abnormal.


The issue is, other companies actually if you notice when you go to purchase a server, they will say, not available. Because they leave overhead of 20% so that their current customers are not impacted. Some companies will easily over commit and over deploy even though they really should not. They say things like, the customer deals with lag here and there its ok.


Survival Servers really has the wrong model and bad administration practices which lead to an entire breakdown of their service. They are one of the cheapest providers, I got a 60 slot server for 37$ a month, that is basically cheaper then all of the industry. Good thing about being cheap is, you get a lot of people requesting servers, the bad part is, you do not have the infrastructure to actually deal with the increased demand and overhead. And it takes days and even weeks to climb out of a provisioning hole, I know. I manage virtual infrastructure at a very large company.


Now take Conan Exiles, non-optimized alpha code, this requires even more resources, throw those servers on the same hosts with other servers like Ark, and now you have a real big problem, one service is affecting another service.


Reality is; Survival Servers is NOT fixing any bug with the Conan Exiles game or with their servers, maybe their custom management software needs a fix, but overall, they are ordering and provisioning new virtual hosts so they can deal with the expanded load, while doing damage control to keep whatever customers they have.


I think the estimated time Wednesday is the day they hope to have some new hosts online to balance out the load.


Another thing happened, they started throwing servers on the same IP space, this brought up a new Funcom Conan bug, with servers sharing the same IP space that had to be fixed. My other servers have dedicated IP, when I query my survival server, 4 other servers show up using my same IP space. This actually prevents you using DNS to your own server for short names.


My Survival Server has been in stopped state for 2 days. Nothing wrong with it. FTP data looks very normal. The ONLY reasons its not able to be started is because it is admin locked. If they start my server which is a 60 slot server, they feel it will crash the host, this is due to the fact that they overcommitted my host.

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#22573 Have a server status "Unknown?"

Posted by Insomniac on 06 February 2017 - 03:43 PM

The lack of communication is what really bothers me.

Yep.  I've withheld my rants a few times.  I'm in IT datacenter management and this lack of communication is really bad.  The system failures suggest poor planning and design. The lack of meaningful communication is a failure in customer service.  You can be insanely busy and still prioritize a stickied post for regular updates and reasonable Twitter updates that suggest some kind of progress is being made.


I have a really hard time having any confidence in the infrastructure design and support abilities of this crew.  They should be telling people that they'll offer an account credit for the trouble and sharing what kind of progress they are making (not just saying "we are overwhelmed" or "problems with a patch".  Leaving a bunch of game admins hanging not only damages their reputation as a hosting provider but damages the admins reputation since they can't provide any meaningful updates to the gamers that play on their servers.


Frustrating all around.  Our server has been offline almost all of Sunday and today.

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#22960 Beyond the joke now

Posted by Shush on 07 February 2017 - 10:51 AM

I think it's very unprofessional to continue renting new servers out apparently knowing they won't run. I know my server has been in unknown status and locked with staff intervention for well over 24 hours and the forums are full of people with this same excuse that have bought their server since long after mine went down. At least stop taking more peoples money till you take care of the customers you already have.

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#22525 Extended "Staff Interruption"

Posted by DrSuSE on 06 February 2017 - 02:28 PM

I'm not even THAT bummed about the outage/down time.  But the poor communication is pretty unforgivable.


Communication is something that tends to be part of a personal or corporate philosophy.  It is rarely improved upon in any significant way.  Communicating well is either a priority for the business or it isn't.

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#7559 (Tutorial/How to) Unpack/Pack your Server and Mission PBO

Posted by Bilco on 20 February 2015 - 09:03 PM

Tools you need:

PBO Manager

http://www.armaholic...ge.php?id=16369 <---Download


http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ <---Download



1. Go to your control panel.

2. Scroll down until you see Customize Your Game Server.

3. Click (download) beside Mission PBO and Server PBO

4. Go to your downloads folder.

5. Right click and select extract here.

6. Make a new folder on your desktop and drag the PBO "looks like a red book" into that folder.

7. Make a new folder and name it exactly whichever PBO you are extracting i.e. dayz_server

8. Drag the PBO into that folder and open that folder.

9. Since you have PBO Manager installed you should be able to right click on the PBO and Extract to current folder.

*note: It is a good idea to save, not delete that PBO you just extracted as a backup.

10. Now you can make any adjustments to files by using notepad++.



1. Hit the back button going to the folder that is named i.e. dayz_server

2. Right click to PBO Manager, pack into "dayz_server.pbo"

3. Go to your control panel and scroll down until you see the "Browse" button.

4. Find the PBO path you just edited

5. Hit the big green button labeled "Update Settings and Restart Gmae Server"

*note: wait until the page refreshes or the upload will not take.




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#28982 Server stops / server won't start [megathread]

Posted by Ryan Pennington on 27 December 2018 - 09:51 AM

We identified a bug in the way we edit the ServerGrid.json to populate some values. It has been fixed.


Game servers that are affected are being updated now.


You can use the Reset Template checkbox and then Save & Restart to fix it on your own.

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#28588 Survival server donated $1k to ARK extra life event

Posted by GEonWAR on 03 November 2018 - 11:30 AM

I am very happy when I heard at live event for Extra life conducted by wild card studio that my host company donated $1k for good and noble cause. Like a awesome support team, you are bunch of good people. Congratulate them everyone....

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#22813 Have a server status "Unknown?"

Posted by Arrietty on 07 February 2017 - 05:09 AM

Game Server ID #: 34835


My server shows 'Unknown' under 'server details'. I have restarted this machine so many times. After what seems like ages, the machine comes back up. When I go to look for my ARK server, I cannot find it. I would like to know:


  • Will this be an ongoing issue with your company? -- Not maintaining your servers properly is down right bad business practice. Sure emergencies happen, but this seems to be more than what a patch did to the servers, which mind you ARK was not one of those affected by such patch.  
  • Can we expect your website to be responsive when visiting it to access our Cpanel?  -- Bringing up servers is a very important task and the priority should, of course, be high, but when you have a slow website that takes three (3) minutes and seven (7) seconds to load just the home page, you know you have a huge problem. What really baffles me is how a hosting company cannot maintain a website that is responsive and accessible at all time.  
  • Do you have plans to help address the lack of communication to your customers? -- This is a huge problem. You guys run a hosting company, when a server is down, your customers need to know what is going on and when to expect a fix. Not showing signs of life for hours at a time is unprofessional and amateur at best. 
  • On your website, you have 'Lag-free, high-performance game server hosting Deploy a game server instantly and experience the Survival Servers difference!', what plans does your company have to help address this misleading and false advertising snippet on its website? -- It is very unethical and borderline illegal to misrepresent a product or servers that are based on misinformation and lies. As I and others have experienced, your servers are not 'Lag-Free' and you do not offer 'instant' anything. After I paid to rent a server from you, I had to wait 45  minutes or longer before I could start to use the services being paid for


So, when will we be able to have a working server again?

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#22531 All server starting issues / Loading issues here ** megathread **

Posted by AfterShock911 on 06 February 2017 - 02:36 PM

Before the trolls jump in I need to throw out there that I worked as a VP for a global software (SaaS) (Hosting) company based out of Australia. 


With that said... stop your damn crying. It's a new game. Every game has issues, especially with integration. People getting upset about 2 days of downtime have no clue what it's like to run a server farm and keep everything smooth. Imagine playing catch with an MLB pitcher, but the pitcher is moving constantly and you are moving as well. It's not a simple keystroke and bam! you are running a server. You have to allocate, track and maintain bandwidth, speed, memory and of course UPDATES. Some of those updates don't like your system. Some of those updates decide they are going to kick your system in the tea bag.


You people need to relax, unplug and get your priorities straight. I paid for 6 months in advance, it's no big deal! I submitted one ticket! (That's all) Software by its very nature is a beast, unless you have the skills to program, integrate and work on networks and manage server farms then you seriously need to calm down and breathe.


They will get it fixed, it's in their nature to do so. No one wants the servers up and running more than they do. They are not trying to troll you. No amount of bitching, complaining or threatening is going to make it better. No you don't get a refund! Read the damn contract! Stop being asshats and go outside... get out of the basement... be somebody.

Blame the issues on logistics that are beyond a persons control. 
They oversold under powered hardware and now the mobs are at the gates. 
They also do not communicate with the people... This is the reason long shots win elections.
They do not have to issue a refund as I can easily preform a charge back for services not rendered.
Just because you have a "contract" does not make it legal and binding.  
I am the network and systems admin for a company in the Houston area. 
We have a small farm of 87 servers running on average 4 VMs each.
Not nearly the scale of these farms but I do know exactly how they work. 
10 to 1 odds say SS doesn't even own theirs... they are rented out, SS can not even lay a physical hand on them either.
They have to wait for their supplier to upgrade RAM\CPU\Bandwidth and other such things. 
Sure sometimes a patch will break the program but it would break it for everyone. I know for a fact other providers are not having this bad of a problem. Some may be, but a lot are not. 
Sometimes a patch will not play well with the hardware. If this is the issue ..... COMMUNICATE IT. 
A little communication will go a long way a lot of these people are pissed off because they know that there are companies out there running just fine but this one is taking more than 24 hours to respond to a ticket.
Everyone here pays for a service.... upfront. We expect the get the service we pay for or we expect a little respect and an apology when it is not working as promised. For heavens sake they are still selling and advertising "instant setup" when they know they can not provide the service. 
SS posted on their Twitter "We are working to get all status unknowns fixed now. There are lots of servers having performance issues with the latest @ConanExiles patch." This tell me they are trying to pass the blame to the game developers when my server had not even been patched, and the issues predated the said patch.
I spent most of Friday finding work arounds for SS problems. I got my server up and running. I made a copy of it and put it on a spare server (low end dell) I copied the entire thing over. I have not had a single issue with it all weekend and it is still up and running.
I have since copied my stuff over to another provider this morning and there has not been a single reported issue from my users as of yet.


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#9126 ARK: Control Panel Feature Requests

Posted by grimm74 on 09 June 2015 - 01:08 PM

hmm tbh i don't think there is much you could add to contol panel itself atm .


i think we need to learn a lot more about the files and what can be done with them. personally i have done nothing today but scour the ftp files looking for spawn files day night cycle file as these are the 2 things i want to change most right now. 


for me the cycle of day and night is to quick i would prefer a 1 hour day and 15 min night   . and i think all servers have far to many dinos on them atm some areas you walk round a corner and there is 10 - 15 dinos walking round . 


an obvious thing to add to contol panel would be a autosaveworld button that we could press just before we did an update and restart.

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#7557 (Tutorial/How to) Check your rpt log

Posted by Bilco on 20 February 2015 - 08:38 PM

1. Go to your control panel.

2. Under FTP Details you will see:


     Port: XX

     Username: yourusername

     Password: YoUrPaSsWoRd

3. Click on the IP numbers that are grey and a new window will pop up.

     *note: you can not adjust anything here, it is view only!

4. Click on the Admin Folder.

5. Click on arma2oaserver.RPT


That's it! Now you are viewing your rpt log and is where server errors are written. If you have an error with a mod that you most recently installed and you can not get into your server, you get the "wait for host" message, the error will be at the very bottom. It will look something like this:


Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf not found

                                                    -or- possibly followed by

File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 216

Missing } at the end



dayz_server = This is you server pbo

system = This is the folder inside the server pbo where error is originating from

server_monitor.sqf = This is the file that is causing the error

not found = Meaning you have a file being called but no folder

line 216 = Gives you an explaination of what the error is in the case listed above it would be missing the "}" at the end of line 216 or around that line. That bracket is a closing bracket and can throw off your entire server.

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#28563 Three-year anniversary

Posted by Kjarstin on 24 October 2018 - 05:08 PM

October marks 3 years using Survival Servers as my only server host.  I've run one of my Ark servers non-stop that entire time, and bought a second Ark server, as well as had shorter term servers for 7days to Die, Rend, Pixark, and Dark and Light over the years. 


The staff at Survival Servers has been there for my super newbie server admin questions and issues as well as being super helpful when I learned enough to be truly dangerous.  I have always gotten an answer to a ticket within the timeframe advertised and they have always done their best to resolve any issues quickly.


Now that Gotin and I are streaming regularly, we rely even more on our servers being there when we need them and I won't trust anyone else at this point. 


Thank you Ryan and team!!



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#22483 Extended "Staff Interruption"

Posted by StevenMacchia on 06 February 2017 - 01:04 PM

While it can be frustrating when running server, I prefer that it is handled this way and fixed to the best of their ability so that everyone can have uninterrupted servers in the future. Glad SS is resolving the issues, I have full faith they'll be up some time soon. 

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#22271 Massive Problem -- Server IP Changed and Not Starting

Posted by Strikes on 05 February 2017 - 09:15 PM

I've put in for a full refund. Sorry Ryan, but this is just not acceptable as a client. I haven't heard anything at all from anyone at Survival Servers in regards to this issue and my ticket remains unanswered (as far as I'm aware as of this posting). I can't trust this to not happen again to my community and public players. 

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#22270 All server starting issues / Loading issues here ** megathread **

Posted by tthom on 05 February 2017 - 08:54 PM

all of you in this thread, cut down on your losses and give up on this provider, i paid for this in advance for 3 months, they can keep it, i've already cancelled my other 2 Ark Survival Evolved servers , and just bought from hosthavoc , their panel is much better , and i dont have to deal with Montreal when i supposedly had bought in New York, not even that, server running so smoothly, no update/validate thing, just hit the steam update box and youre done, you'll never have to deal with this again , its not a better patch we need here, simply a better server

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#17722 To break up the 'problem' threads

Posted by Kjarstin on 29 September 2016 - 08:27 AM

Hey Ryan and the rest of you at Survival Servers....




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#17291 Setting up a server with dynamic Cross-Ark Travel?

Posted by JaxTeller718 on 03 September 2016 - 10:37 AM

Hello Ryan, New user, first time poster. I first want to thank you for you and Survival Servers Hard Work. I have 5 servers with "another company" and as of 2 days ago I have begun to migrate all of them here. Your responses here are a shining example as to why you have won me over. Your interface, your service all top notch and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. I just wanted you to know you guys have literally earned my business through your dedication.


My "other company" doesnt even HAVE a Scorched Earth Option.

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#16167 Have a server status "Unknown?"

Posted by Ryan Pennington on 20 June 2016 - 10:37 AM

This is the thread you can post in and we'll check on that issue. Causes:

  • Unexpected or unannounced maintenance (emergency or critical work)
  • Networking issue with upstream provider
  • DDoS attack (even in the protected locations, there is a limit to which a DDoS can be protected)
  • Other causes, please inquire within

You can contact us to find more information or you can post here with the following information:

  1. Ticket # (if applicable)
  2. Game Server ID

We'll check on it routinely throughout the day. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience :)

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