Introducing Survival Servers DayZTools!!!  Only available for Survival Servers Private and Community Private hive.

Control your private/community private server with our custom built Private hive control panel!  This makes controlling your server easier than ever!


1.) Change your time zone in 1 click!

2.) Choose how often you want to run different tasks!

3.) Control how many vehicles you want (current max of 75)

4.) Remove wire fencing, hedgehogs, bear traps, and sand bags whenever you want!

5.) Clean up all vehicles out of bounds (off the edge of the map) This is useful if a hacker teleports your vehicles off the map.

6.) Set a max number of vehicles.

7.) Make all new vehicle spawns 100% fully repaired, or choose how much damage they have.  You can also adjust the amount of fuel and a few other vehicle settings!

All current private/community hive customers now have access to this tool, and all new orders can add this to their server for just $5/monthly.

This $5 is going to also include ALL NEW TOOLS that we release.  So when we come out with more awesome tools, you get them for free!

When you order your server you will see it on the purchase form, just include DayZTools in your configurable options.

If you already have a PRIVATE OR COMMUNITY server and want to add on this option, purchase DayZTools at this link for just $5 monthly:

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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